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Seymour Davis

Architect - (1869(?)-1923)

There is little known information of the early life and training of Seymour Davis, the son of Paul A. and Henrietta (Duy) Davis, including his birth year.  Nevertheless, some information on Davis' training was provided in a letter from Frank Miles Day to Cass Gilbert on July 3, 1896, regarding Davis' expertise in architecture. Day described Davis’ training as beginning in the business of carpentry with some training in drawing from a school in Philadelphia, the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, in 1880.  Subsequently, Davis moved west as a draftsman for the office of an architect in Topeka, and later began practicing architecture independently in Topeka with commissions such as the Frost House, Crawford Building, and Curtis House.  In 1893, Davis became the state architect of Kansas and retained the title through 1895. He supervised extensions to the state capitol, designed several buildings at the Kansas Normal School in Emporia, and designed several structures at other state institutions.  Finally, in 1895 or 1896 Davis returned to Philadelphia to practice architecture with his younger brother Paul.  Seymour Davis died September 4, 1923, in Philadelphia and was  buried in Emporia, Kansas.

Seymour Davis designed buildings listed in the National Register.

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