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Wyandotte Constitution, created July 5, 1859, became the state constitution.Kansas State Capitol, Topeka, constructed 1866-1903Buffalo Soldiers served in the Ninth and 10th cavalries and operated from several Kansas forts

Kansapedia Topic: Folkways

Belton, Kepka - Kansas Folk Art
Cherokee Basketmaking
Children in Kansas - 1890s-1920s
Christmas Traditions - Trees
Christmas in Kansas
Community Bands
Cool Things - Aluminum Christmas Tree
Cool Things - Baby Carriage
Cool Things - Baby Santa Claus Outfit
Cool Things - Bikini
Cool Things - Bottle Whimsies
Cool Things - Capitol lunch cart
Cool Things - Chief's Blanket
Cool Things - Child's Overalls
Cool Things - Child's Tipi
Cool Things - Chinese Checkers Game
Cool Things - Christmas Cards
Cool Things - Christmas Cartoon
Cool Things - Christmas Tree Candle Holders
Cool Things - Civil War Quilt
Cool Things - Civil War Valentines
Cool Things - Clockwork Toy Figures
Cool Things - Coca Cola Vending Machine
Cool Things - Coverlet
Cool Things - Dress from Artist's Childhood
Cool Things - Drive-in Menu Boards
Cool Things - Early Movie Posters
Cool Things - Embroidered Flour Sacks
Cool Things - Exaggerated Postcards
Cool Things - Flint Hills Firestick
Cool Things - Flint Hills Firestick
Cool Things - Folk Art Toys
Cool Things - Frigidaire Stove
Cool Things - German Wood Carvings
Cool Things - Halloween Costume
Cool Things - Halloween Party Invitation
Cool Things - Hardware Store Painting
Cool Things - Hmong Story Cloth
Cool Things - Home Entertainment System
Cool Things - Horse Mannequin
Cool Things - Ice Cream Company Objects
Cool Things - Knorks
Cool Things - Mickey Mouse Undies
Cool Things - Millennium Souvenirs
Cool Things - Millennium Souvenirs
Cool Things - Mourning Lithograph
Cool Things - Mudtown Doll
Cool Things - Party Dress
Cool Things - Patriotic Eagles Quilt
Cool Things - Pink Pills for Pale People
Cool Things - Pink Washer and Dryer
Cool Things - Potwin Place Quilt
Cool Things - Square Dance Dress
Cool Things - Steiff Pull Toy
Cool Things - Victorian Dollhouse
Cool Things - WPA Figures
Cool Things Podcasts - 2007
Cuevas, Teresa - Kansas Folk Art
Czech Egg Decorating
Czechs in Kansas
Dinsmoor, Samuel P.
Domsch, Sonia - Kansas Folk Art
Esping, Malcolm - Kansas Folk Art
Fairs in Kansas
Fairs in Topeka
Farnsworth, Martha
Farnsworth, Martha - Diary
Folk Arts
Folk Arts Celebration
Food Preservation
Fourth of July Celebrations
Ghost Stories
Goff, Grace - Kansas Folk Art
Gomer, Bill - Kansas Folk Art
Gospel in Kansas
Halloween Party
Hammered Dulcimer
Historic Recipes and Menus from Kansas
Historic Recipes from Kansas
I Born Again in America
Kansas Folk Art Apprentices
Kansas Folk Art Traditions
Kansas State Capitol Cottonwood Tree
Kansas State Fair
Kansas Symbols
Lipovac, Don - Kansas Folk Art
Mexican Fiesta Traditions
Middle Ceramic
New Year's Day Menu 1885
Order of Elks
Organizations and Clubs
Painless Romine
Paj Ntaub - Kansas Folk Art
Patton, Georgia - Kansas Folk Art
Pitzer, Margaret "Redfern" - Kansas Folk Art
Post Rock Cutting - Kansas Folk Art
Sayler, Arthur - Kansas Folk Art
Spillman, Doren - Kansas Folk Art
Summer Swimming
Swedish Ljuskrona
Swimming Pools
Thanksgiving in Kansas
Thao, May - Kansas Folk Art
Woman's Kansas Day Club