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Wyandotte Constitution, created July 5, 1859, became the state constitution.Kansas State Capitol, Topeka, constructed 1866-1903Buffalo Soldiers served in the Ninth and 10th cavalries and operated from several Kansas forts

Kansapedia Topic: Infamous

Bender Knife
Bender, Kate
Brown, Henry Newton
Burke, Fred
Corbett, Thomas P. Boston
Dalton Gang Souvenirs
Dalton, Emmett
Fake Pistol
Gallows Crossbeam
Kansas Territory - Timeline (more)
Karpis, Alvin
Klan Painting
Lane, James Henry
Lowe, "Rowdy Joe" and "Rowdy Kate"
Mather, David "Mysterious Dave"
Montgomery, James
Penitentiary Table
Prisoner Doll
Rifle from James Gang Shootout
Thompson, Ben
Winchester Rifle