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Sallie Lindsay White, Emporia, born December 3, 1869Stan Kenton, musician, born in Wichita, December 15, 1911Nellie Cline, attorney, born in Larned, December 7, 1886

Kansapedia Topic: Public Health

Baldwin, Chauncey
Cool Things - Inkblot Test
Cool Things - Leg Brace
Cool Things - Medical Quackery
Cool Things - Medical Transport Box
Cool Things - Nurse's Uniform
Cool Things - Phrenology Head
Cool Things - Pink Pills for Pale People
Cool Things - Radiation Meters
Cool Things - Rescue Mannequin
Cool Things - Waconda Springs Jug
Crane, Franklin Loomis
Flu Epidemic of 1918
McCollum, Elmer
Red Cross
Salvation Army in Kansas