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Lewis and Clark in Kansas, June 26-July 9, 1804Wyandotte Constitution, created July 5, 1859, became the state constitution.Buffalo Soldiers served in the Ninth and 10th cavalries and operated from several Kansas forts

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Ackert, James E.
Bartholomew, Elam
Beams, Jesse
Bloodletting Tools
Brown, Barnum
Cady, Hamilton
Carleton, Mark
Carver, George Washington
Coriell, Lewis
Engle, Joe
Evans, Ronald E.
Hawley, Steven A.
Hertzler, Arthur Emanual
Hyde, Albert Alexander
Iron Lung
Jackson, Wes
Jerman, Ed C.
Kilby, Jack St. Clair
Kimball, Solon T.
Knedlik, Omar
Maneval, Rex W.
McCollum, Burton
McCollum, Elmer
Mudge, Benjamin Franklin
Ohno, Mitsugi
Podcasts - 2009
Snow, Francis Huntington
Sternberg, George F.
Still, Andrew Taylor
Sutherland, Earl
Swingle, Walter Tennyson
Tombaugh, Clyde
University of Kansas
Wedel, Waldo