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Lewis and Clark in Kansas, June 26-July 9, 1804Wyandotte Constitution, created July 5, 1859, became the state constitution.Buffalo Soldiers served in the Ninth and 10th cavalries and operated from several Kansas forts

Kansapedia Topic: Settlement

Arapaho - 20th Century
Arapaho - Culture
Arapaho - Ghost Dance
Arapaho - Great Divide
Arapaho - Origins and Migration
Arapaho - Reservations
Arapaho - Wars with United States
Arapaho - Westward Expansion
Bahai Faith in Topeka
British in Kansas
Chance, Hugh E.
Coal mining in southeast Kansas
Cool Things - Baby Carriage
Cool Things - Ballot Box
Cool Things - Exoduster Flier
Cool Things - Ghost Town Artifacts
Cool Things - Horn Furniture
Cool Things - Immigrant's Violin
Cool Things - Log House
Cool Things - New England Emigrant Aid Company sign
Cool Things - Paisley Shawl
Cool Things - Portrait of a Pioneer Staking a Claim
Cool Things - Stove Tools from Sod House
Emigrant Aid Societies
French Settlers in Kansas
Gardening in Kansas
German Settlers in Kansas
Germans from Russia in Ellis County
Germans from Russia in Kansas
Grasshopper Plague of 1874
Homestead Act
Housing in Kansas History
Humbargar Family of Saline County
I Born Again in America
Isaac T. Goodnow
Jewish Farming Communities
Kansas Archeology
Kansas Bahai Community at 100
Kansas-Nebraska Act
Kheiralla, Ibrahim
Kiowa - 20th Century
Kiowa - And the Bison
Kiowa - Early History and the First Divide
Kiowa - Early Relations with the United States
Kiowa - Lone Wolf v. Hitchcock
Kiowa - Medicine Lodge Treaty
Kiowa - Painters of the Plains
Kiowa - Religious Societies
Kiowa - Social and Political Structure
Kiowa - Southern Alliance with the Comanche
Kiowa - Suffering of the 1840s
Kirkpatrick, Bertha Hyde
Medicine Lodge Peace Treaty
Mennonites in Kansas
Notable Events in Kansas History
Osage - Civil War Era
Osage - Epidemics
Osage - Europeans and the Missouri Fur Trade
Osage - History and Culture From Early 20th Century to Present
Osage - Traditional Hunting and Diet
Osage - Treaties With the United States
Railroad Land Grants
Robinson, Sara Lawrence
Schmidt, C. B.
Settlement in Kansas
Shawnee Indians