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Edgar Langsdorf Award - Past recipients

Edgar Langsdorf The Edgar Langsdorf Award for Excellence in Writing honors superior writing and is presented on an annual basis to authors of articles in the quarterly publication Kansas History: A Journal of the Central Plains. Find more information about this award.

Past Recipients

2015 - Justine Greve, Grantville, “Language and Loyalty: The First World War and German Instruction at Two Kansas Schools,” Kansas History (Autumn 2014)

2014 - Dr. Tai S. Edwards, Overland Park,  “Disruption and Disease: The Osage Struggle to Survive in the Nineteenth-Century Trans-Missouri West,” Kansas History 36 (Winter 2013-2014)

2013 - Charles Delgadillo, “’A Pretty Weedy Flower’: William Allen White, Midwestern Liberalism, and the 1920s Culture War,” 35 Kansas History (Autumn 2012): 

2012 - Benjamin Goossen, "Like a Brilliant Thread: Gender and Vigilante Democracy in the Kansas Coal Field, 1921-1922." Kansas History 34 (Autumn 2011): 206-223.

2011 - Christopher C. Lovett, "A Public Burning: Race, Sex, and the Lynching of Fred Alexander." Kansas History 33 (Summer 2010): 94-115.

2010 - William E. Foley, "Murder on the Santa Fe Trail: The United States v. See See Sah Mah and Escotah."  Kansas History 32 (Summer 2009): 90-105.

2009 - Dr. Steven Trout, "The Western Front Comes to Kansas." Kansas History 31 (Autumn 2008): 194-211.

2008 - John N. Mack, “United We Stand: Law and Order on the Southeastern Kansas Frontier, 1866–1870.” Kansas History 30 (Winter 2007/2008): 234–51.

2007 - Joseph B. Herring, "Selling the ‘Noble Savage’ Myth: George Catlin and the Iowa Indians in Europe, 1843-1845." Kansas History 29 (Winter 2006/2007): 226–245

2007 - Brooke Speer Orr, "Mary Elizabeth Lease: Gendered Discourse and Populist Party Politics in Gilded Age America." Kansas History 29 (Winter 2006/2007): 246–258.

2006 - Karen Manners Smith, "Father, Son, and Country on the Eve of War: William Allen White, William Lindsay White, and American Isolationism, 1940-1941." Kansas History 28 (Spring 2005): 30-43.

2005 - Frederick D. Seaton, "The Long Road Toward 'The Right Thing to Do': The Troubled History of the Winfield State Hospital." Kansas History 27 (Winter 2004/2005): 250-263.

2004 - Jeff R. Bremer, "A Species of Town--Building Madness': Quindaro and Kansas Territory, 1856-1862." Kansas History,26 (Autumn 2003): 156–171.

2003 - Kristen A. Tegtmeier Oertel, "'The Free Sons of the North' vs. 'The Myrmidons of Border Ruffianism':What Makes a Man in Bleeding Kansas?" Kansas History 25 (Autumn 2002): 174–189.

2002 - Kevin J. Abing, "Before Bleeding Kansas: Christian Missionaries, Slavery, and the Shawnee Indians in Pre-Territorial Kansas, 1844-1854." Kansas History (Spring 2001): 54–71.

2001 - Julie Courtwright, "Want to Build a Miracle City?: War Housing in Wichita," Kansas History, 23 (Winter 2000/2001): 218–239.

2000 - James R. Shortridge, "Kansas Barns in Time and Place." Kansas History 22 (Spring 1999): 2–25.

1999 - Jerry Bergman, "Steeped in Religion: President Eisenhower and the Influence of the Jehovah's Witnesses." Kansas History 21 (Autumn 1998).

1998 - Bill Cecil-Fronsman, "'Advocate the Freedom of White Men, As Well As That of the Negroes': The Kansas Free State and Antislavery Westerns in Territorial Kansas." Kansas History 20 (Summer 1997).

1997 - Nancy J. Hulston, "Our Schools Must Be Open to All Classes of Citizens: The Desegregation of the University of Kansas School of Medicine, 1938."Kansas History 19 (Summer 1996).

1996 - Milton S. Katz and Susan B. Tucker, "A Pioneer in Civil Rights: Esther Brown and the South Park, Desegregation Case of 1948." Kansas History 18 (Winter 1995-1996).

1995 - Patrick G. O'Brien, "Kansas at War: The Home Front, 1941 - 1945." Kansas History 17 (Spring 1994).

1994 - Homer E. Socolofsky, "The Bittersweet Tale of Sorghum Sugar," Kansas History 16 (Winter 1993-1994).

1993 - Paul E. Wilson, "How the Law Came to Kansas," Kansas History 15 (Spring 1992).

1992 - James R. Shortridge, "People of the New Frontier: Kansas Population Origins, 1865," Kansas History 14 (Autumn 1991).

1991 – Daniel D. Holt, “An Unlikely Partnership and Service: Dwight Eisenhower, Mark Clark, and the Philipines.” Kansas History 13 (Autumn 1990).

1989 - Patrick G. O'Brien, Kenneth J. Peake, and Barbara K. Robins, "It May Have Been Illegal, But It Wasn't Wrong': The Kansas 'Balkans' Bootlegging Culture, 1920-1940," Kansas History 12 (Winter 1988 - 1989).

1988 - Donald F. Danker, "A High Price for a Lame Cow," Kansas History 11 (Summer 1987).

1987 - James L. Forsythe, "George Grant of Victoria: Man and Myth, Kansas History 10 (Autumn 1986).