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Famous Kansans trading cards

Real People. Real Stories. Trading CardsExplore the Real People and Real Stories of Kansas

From abolitionists to zany actresses, browse basic facts on more than 150 people who have called Kansas home. Funding for these cards came from the Kansas Historical Foundation. Teachers and parents can contact education@kshs.org for information on how to receive a free set of cards.

How to use the cards:

  • Create your own famous Kansan trivia game and challenge your friends or family
  • Make name poems (acrostic poems) which identify famous Kansans
  • Select one or two cards to help get you started on your history project (you can also browse cards by category or by image)
  • Be sure to send your work to us through Write on our wall.  We will post several of these.

Featured Kansans:


* One of the 25 Notable Kansans selected by Governor Brownback's Blue Ribbon Panel for Kansas History in 2011.