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Kansas Day at the Museum - Activities

Standards Based Activities

In the lobby of the museum you will find a wide variety of hands-on activities.  Each has been chosen to correlate to the Kansas Academic Standards.  Activities are designed around the number of people expected to attend and the varying ages of students who will be here.  Activities this year include:

  • Oregon or Bust! - What should Oregon Trail travelers take with them?  Leave behind?  You decide!
  • Case of the Mystery Artifacts - The museum received some "mysterious" donations.  They don't know what they things are.  Examine the artifacts for clues to help the curators solve the mystery.
  • Young Kansans!  Celebrate Kansas' 153rd birthday with Kansas symbols, the state flag, and more.
  • Cowboy Scavenger Hunt - Take part in a cowboy adventure as you explore the museum.
  • National Parks in Kansas - Geography is fun and can tell you a lot about the national parks in Kansas.
  • Kansas Soil - Learn about the soil in Kansas and how it filters water.
  • We Are Kansas!  - Learn about some Kansans who helped change the world as you examine primary sources and sequence their achievements.
  • The Underground Railroad in Kansas Territory - Use your cause and effect skills to better understand this dangerous part of Kansas's past.

Historic Craft Demonstrators

Take a step back in time as you learn about the low-tech life of the past.  Try your hand at weaving on a loom, examine a flute made by an American Indian craftsman, or feel wool as you card it for spinning.  Demonstrators will share their skills in making baskets, making wooden flutes, spinning yarn, knitting, weaving, flying model airplanes,  rope making, wood carving, sewing and quilting.

Gallery Carts

You won't want to miss the opportunity to touch a bison bladder "water bottle", try on a Civil War uniform, examine a candle mold, or sit in a train seat once occupied by a cowboy moving cattle across Kansas.  These experiences and more are waiting for you at the gallery carts in the museum gallery.


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