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Kansas Day at the Museum - Activities

Standards Based Activities

In the lobby of the museum you will find a wide variety of hands-on activities.  Each has been chosen to correlate to the Kansas Academic Standards.  Activities are designed around the number of people expected to attend and the varying ages of students who will be here.  Activities this year include:

  • Hands-on History - Learn to think like a historian as you handle genuine World War I artifacts.
  • Decode, Decipher, Decrypt - Challenge your skills as you try to decode an encrypted message.
  • Texting, World War I Style - No cell phones? No computers? How did friends and family contact soldiers? Learn the answer as you write a letter to a veteran.
  • Do You Speak Flag? - Can you figure out the message the signal flags will send on Kansas Day?
  • I Spy! - Be a spy in the museum and tell us what you learned.
  • Young Kansans!  Celebrate Kansas' 156th birthday with Kansas symbols and the state flag. Make a doughboy helmet to wear and a remembrance poppy.
  • Fur and Feathers Help Win the War - Find out how horses, dogs, camels,  pigeons, and other animals helped soldiers in World War I.
  • Fight the Flu - Did the influenza pandemic of 1918 really start in Kansas? Find out that and how you can fight the flu yourself.
  • The Victory Highway - Explore the transcontinental highway that honored fallen soldiers.
  • Harlem Hellfighters - Make a regiment badge as you learn about the Harlem Hellfighters.
  • Rush to the Front - Help wounded soldiers get to a hospital as you play a World War I board game. You are the game piece!

Historic Craft Demonstrators

Take a step back in time as you learn about the low-tech life of the past.  Feel the softness of wool as you card it for spinning.  Talk to an American Indian flute maker. Watch wood carvers turn a piece of wood into something exciting. Duck as an airplane buzzes over head. Weave strips of wood with a basket maker or yarn on a loom. Demonstrators will share their skills in basket making, American Indian flute making, spinning yarn, knitting, weaving, aviation,  horn carving, wood carving, sewing and quilting.


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