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Kansas families

Meet some of the movers and shakers who made Kansas what it is today.

Kansas Museum of History - Within the museum, see the original 1860s log home of the pioneer Humbargar family.

Cottonwood Ranch State Historic Site - Home of the Pratt family who brought traditions from their English homeland.

Fort Hays State Historic Site - Many officers brought their families to this frontier fort.

Goodnow House State Historic Site - The Goodnows' interest in education and nature is reflected in the many objects they collected.

Grinter Place State Historic Site - The Grinters began their life in a trading post and prosperity brought them to his stately mansion.

Hollenberg Pony Express Station State Historic Site - Hear the footsteps of Pony Express riders and pioneers at the home of Gerat and Sophia Hollenberg.

John Brown Museum State Historic Site - Witness pioneer life where Brown's half-sister struggled to survive while maintaining his abolitionist principles.

Kaw Mission State Historic Site - The Huffakers founded this mission and later rose to prominence in this stop along the Santa Fe Trail.

Shawnee Indian Mission State Historic Site - These buildings, the oldest in Kansas, were important during the trail era, the Civil War, and were home to the Johnsons, a missionary family.

Red Rocks State Historic Site - The stately home of the William Allen White family, its famous residents published a Pulitzer-Prize-winning newspaper and became known around the world.