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Kansas Historical Foundation

Honor - Educate - Inspire

Honoring Kansas history nurtures our identity and helps students discover a sense of place; Kansas' place in the nation and the world. Educating about Kansas history helps create engaged citizens with critical thinking skills. Inspiring through Kansas history helps students become leaders and create vibrant communities.

For our students and our state's future, the Kansas Historical Foundation seeks to financially support the Kansas Historical Society through fundraising, membership, and retail sales. Learn how to join us, visit us, and donate to the area you most care about.

About – we are the sister organization of the Kansas Historical Society

Contribute – please help support Kansas history

  • Find ways in which you can be involved
  • Discover how businesses and corporations support Kansas history

Membership – our member organization helps support Kansas history

Programs – offering meetings, tours, awards, and internships

  • Meetings – our fall annual meeting and our annual tour
  • Awards – for research, writing, history, and publication
  • Internships – opportunities in history-related areas

Stores – find Kansas books and Kansas made art, food, gifts