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Kansas Historical Quarterly - August 1951

Kansas Historical Quarterly, August 1951

Volume 19

August 1951, Number 3

Cover and contents

Robert Anginal's, "The Pictorial Record of the Old West: XIII. The End of a Century," p. 225. (Volunteer: Lynn Nelson)

Emory Lindquist, "The Swedes in Kansas Before the Civil War," p. 254. (Volunteer: Lynn Nelson)

Louise Barry, ed., A British Bride in Manhattan, 1890-1891: The Journal of Mrs. Stuart James Hogg," p. 269. (Volunteer: Lynn Nelson)

Edgar Langsdorf, ed., "The Letters of Joseph H. Trego, 1857- 1864, Linn County Pioneer: Part Two, 1861, 1862," p. 113. (Volunteer: Lynn Nelson)