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Kansas Historical Quarterly - Autumn 1976

Kansas Historical Quarterly, Autumn 1976

Volume 42

Autumn 1976, No. 3

Cover and contents

Theodore John Rivers, "A Study of the Laws of the Ottawa Indians as Preserved in the Ottawa First Book (1850)," p. 225.

David E. Meerse, "'No Propriety in the Late Course of the Governor': The Geary-Sherrard Affair Reexamined," p. 237.

C. Robert Haywood, "Pearlette: A Mutual Aid Colony," p. 263.

Herbert Pankratz, "The Suppression of Alleged Disloyalty in Kansas During World War I," p. 277. (Volunteer: Tom Kohn)

Robert S. Raymond, "The Economic History of a Midwestern Retail Store, 1911-1934," p. 308.

Bypaths of Kansas History, p. 329.

Kansas History Off the Press, p. 331.

Kansas Historical Notes, p. 337.


The Cover

With the coming of the Zanesville (Ohio) colony to establish the town of Pearlette in Meade county, Kansas, early in 1879, came the type and press for publication of its newspaper, the Pearlette Call, first issued in April 16, 1870. The first page of the minipaper is reproduced on the cover, and the remaining 11 pages of the 12-page issue appear between pp. 272-273.