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Kansas Historical Quarterly - February 1934

Kansas Historical Quarterly, February 1934

Volume 3

February 1934, No. 1

About the Contributors

Robert Taft, "A Photographic History of Early Kansas," p. 3.

George A. Root, "Kansas Ferries: Part II -- Kansas River," concluded, p. 15.

William Stanley Hoole, "A Southerner's Viewpoint of the Kansas Situation, 1856-1857: The Letters of Lieut. Col. A. J. Hoole, C. S. A.," p. 43.

Thomas Amory Lee, "William C. Hook -- Judge of the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals of the United States," p. 68.

O. W. Mosher, Jr., "Historical Collections and Public Entertainments," p. 86.

The Annual Meeting, p. 91.

Kansas History as Published in the State Press, p. 105.

Kansas Notes, p. 111.

Errata to Volume III