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Kansas Historical Quarterly - February 1951

Kansas Historical Quarterly, February 1951

Volume 19

February 1951, Number 1

Cover and contents

Clifford P. Westermeier, "The Dodge City Cowboy Band," p. 1. (Volunteer: Tod Roberts)

Alberta Pantle, "History of the French-Speaking Settlement in the Cottonwood Valley," p. 12. (Volunteer: Lynn Nelson)

"Robbery on the Santa Fe Trail in 1842," p. 50. (Volunteer Elizabeth Lawrence)

Annual Meeting (includes President's Address, "Some Aspects of the History of the G.A.R. in Kansas" and Kirke Mecham's talk, "The Historical Society: After Seventy-Five Years"), p. 52

From the cover: Dodge City's famous cowboy band as pictured in 1886. The director was Roy Drake (fourth from left in the second row). Seated at the front-row ends are: Left, D. M. Frost, publisher of the Dodge City Globe Livestock Journal, and right, Col. S. S. Prouty, editor of the Kansas Cowboy. Chalk M. Beeson, organizer and manager of the band, sits next to Colonel Prouty.