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Kansas Historical Quarterly - May 1950

Kansas Historical Quarterly, May 1950

Volume 18

May 1950, Number 2

Cover and contents

Robert Taft, "Pictorial Record of the Old West: XI. The Leslie Excursions of 1869 and 1877--Joseph Becker, Harry Ogden and Walter Yeager," p. 113. (Volunteer: Lynn Nelson)

Edgar Langsdorf, "A Review of Early Navigation on the Kansas River," p. 140. (Volunteer: Lynn Nelson)

Edgar Langsdorf, ed., "The First Survey of the Kansas River," p. 146. (Volunteer: Lynn Nelson)

"The Renaming of Robidoux Creek, Marshall County," p. 159. (Volunteer: Lynn Nelson)

Hickman, "Lincoln College . . . Part Two--Later History and Change of Name, Concluded," p. 164. (Volunteer: Lynn Nelson)