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Kansas Historical Quarterly - Winter 1964

Kansas Historical Quarterly, Winter 1964

Volume 30

Winter 1964, No. 4

Cover and contents

Charles E. Hoffhaus, "Fort De Cavagnial: Imperial France in Kansas, 1744-1764," p. 425.

Charles Richard Denton, "The Unitarian Church . . . " (part 2), p. 455.

Louise Barry, comp., "Kansas Before 1854: A Revised Annals, Part Sixteen, 1847," p. 492.

Bypaths of Kansas History, p. 560.

Kansas History as Published in the Press, p. 561.

Errata and Addenda, Volume 30, p. 572.

Index to Volume 30, p. 573.


The Cover

"Grouse-shooting—on the Missouri prairies," a painting by George Catlin. The scene probably derives from Catlin's stay at Fort Leavenworth in the autumn of 1832 (see Kansas Historical Quarterly, v. 28, p. 199). The grouse "make their appearance in these parts in the months of August and September," he wrote, "and the whole garrison, in fact, are almost subsisted on them at this time." The painting, U.S. National Museum No. 386409, courtesy Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.