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Immigrant’s Trunk

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Immigrant's trunk and contents

In the Spring of 1894 Anna Townsend sailed from her native England for the United States.  She arrived in New York on April 16, and like many immigrants, passed through Ellis Island.  Her destination was Riley, Kansas.

On May 14—less than a month after her arrival in this country—she married Thomas G. Quantic, a fellow Englishman who came to the United States in 1868.  He had met Anna on a trip back to England some months before.

When Anna left England, she packed what possessions she had in this trunk.  Included was this Bible given to her by her sister, and this still life painting.

These objects, along with other items belonging to three generations of the family, were given to the Historical Society by Anna’s great-granddaughter, Joanne Passet, of Richmond, Indiana in 2012.