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Kansas Preservation Plan

Plan Development

Kansas Preservation Plan (PDF)

2011-2016 Kansas Preservation PlanThe 2011-2016 Kansas Preservation Plan is the result of a planning process initiated by the Kansas Historical Society's Cultural Resources Division (CRD) with input from a variety of state and federal agencies, preservation organizations, and the public. The CRD carries out many preservation functions in Kansas, including assisting the State Historic Preservation Officer (SHPO) in assuring compliance with Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act, implementing state and federal grant and tax credit programs, managing and maintaining the historic property and archeological site inventories for Kansas, interpreting the history and prehistory of the state as reflected by material culture, and developing and implementing educational programming for all Kansans. Many other organizations carry out preservation programs in Kansas; more information on those that participated in this plan and their preservation programs is presented on the following pages. Each year the CRD staff meets or speaks with thousands of constituents. These contacts range from simple phone conversations to site visits to formal presentations at conferences, workshops, and focus groups. The division uses the information from these contacts to hone its programs to meet constituent needs and also to develop the current preservation plan.

For this planning process the CRD staff sought the input of its preservation partners to learn more about what is important in their communities. Public workshops and a questionnaire (published in Kansas Preservation, Winter 2010, volume 32, number 1, page 1, and distributed on statewide email listserv) provided the framework through which to gather input. Specifically, input was sought and received from those who participated in public workshops on Certified Local Governments (CLGs) and incentive programs, representatives of local governments including the Kansas League of Municipalities (KLM), representatives of state and federal agencies, preservation organizations such as the Kansas Anthropological Association (KAA), Professional Archaeologists of Kansas (PAK), the Kansas Preservation Alliance (KPA), and the Kansas Historic Sites Board of Review, owners of historic properties, students, and the public.

In addition to the targeted meetings and questionnaire noted above, the SHPO staff regularly sought feedback from a variety of stakeholders on its programs and statewide preservation efforts. Grant applicants, consultants, and architects provided input at Historic Preservation Fund and Heritage Trust Fund grant workshops and other public meetings held throughout the state. This input was used to improve the efficiency of both the workshops and the programs.

The Kansas Historical Society recently announced that the National Park Service has approved a statewide historic preservation plan. The plan was unveiled at the state preservation conference, June 1-3, 2011 in Topeka.

Anyone interested in preservation-related issues in Kansas is encouraged to share the plan with community leaders and organizations.  To request a printed copy of the plan, please contact the Cultural Resources Division at cultural_resources@kshs.org or 785-272-8681.