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Kansas Historical Foundation - About us

The passing of the gavel from Jim Logan to Dru Sampson, 2009 Annual MeetingThe Kansas Historical Foundation is an IRS determined 501(c)(3) non-profit and serves as the fund raising, fund management, membership, and retail organization to support and promote Kansas history through the work of the Kansas Historical Society, a state agency.

The foundation seeks private funding for programming, exhibits, acquisitions, preservation, Kansas Memory, awards and grants, and many other priorities of the Kansas Historical Society.

There are many ways you can help the Kansas history cause to ensure our rich legacy is preserved for future generations:

  • Join the Kansas Historical Foundation
  • Donate to the foundation
  • Shop the Museum Store 


2009 Spring Meeting at Grinter PlaceThe foundation is governed by a board of between 36 and 90 directors, who each serve a three-year term. Three directors are appointed by the governor of Kansas and the remaining are elected from among the members of the Kansas Historical Foundation at an annual meeting held each November. The board is led by an 18 member executive committee. The honorary board includes individuals who have significantly contributed to Kansas history. Members of the board provide financial, legal, and ethical oversight of the organization and enhance its public standing.

Annual Report

Kansas Historical Foundation and the Kansas Historical Society, the state agency, both publish annual reports that can be viewed online.

Annual Meeting

The Kansas Historical Foundation holds an annual meeting each year for the entire membership of the organization.