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National History Day 2002 Results

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2002 Kansas Medalists

Gold Medal

Bailey Gray, Amber Comstock, and Lauren Troutman, Fort Scott Middle School, Fort Scott

Junior Group Exhibit - "Nuclear Fashion"

Teacher - Michelle Brittain

Received - $1000


Kayla Westfahl, Haven Middle School, Haven

Junior Individual Exhibit - "Out of Dust"

Teacher - Chris Terrill

Received - $1000


Bronze Medal

Daldorph and Greenwell with teacher, Dari Hilbert, 3rd place, Jr. group performanceBrenna Daldorph and Mulligan Greenwell, Central Junior High, Lawrence

Junior Group Performance - "Out of the Ashes: Tragedy at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory"

Teacher - Dari Hilbert

Received - $250







National History Day 2002 Kansas Special Honors

Outstanding State Entry

Chase Hamilton and Davis Wittig, Topeka Collegiate, Topeka

Junior Group Performance - "Charles Darwin: Revolutionary Biologist"

Teacher - Laura Straus


Megan Stewart, Candace Lowry, Elizabeth Cambers, and Megan Mann, Uniontown High School, Uniontown

Senior Group Performance - "A Revolution Caused by a Poet With a Camera"

Teacher - Norman Conard


Other Kansas 2002 Finalists


Hamsa Subramaniam, Lawrence High School, Lawrence

Senior Individual Performance - "Emma Goldman: Dreamer, Artist, Iconoclast"

Teacher - Mike Ortmann


Jeremy Pukach, Seaman High School, Topeka

Senior Individual Exhibit - "The Two Iron Monsters"

Teacher - Susan Sittenauer