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National History Day 2004 Results

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National History Day Kansas 2004 Medalists


Gold Medal

Atima Lui

Atima Lui, Topeka Collegiate, Topeka

"I am not Tragically Colored: Zora Neale Hurston's Exploration of the African American Oral Tradition"

Teacher - Laura Straus

Received - $1000





Bronze Medal

Hannah Frydman and Mulligan Greenwell, Central Junior High School, Lawrence

"Kill the Indian, Save the Man"

Teacher - Dari Hilbert

Received - $250


Erin Schmidt, Haven Middle School, Haven

"The Women of the AAGPBL, Exploring a New Way to Play Baseball"

Teacher - Chris Terrill

Received - $250


National History Day 2004 Kansas Special Honors


Outstanding State Entry Junior Division

Haden Beardmore, Blake Hamilton, and Cyrus Wittig, Topeka Collegiate, Topeka

Junior Group Exhibit, "Lewis & Clark: 146 Days with the Mandan & Hidatsa Indians,"

Teacher - John MacDonald


Outstanding State Entry Senior Division

Andrew McKee, Lawrence High School, Lawrence

Senior Individual Documentary, "The Cuban Missile Crisis"

Teacher - Mike Ortmann


George C. Marshall Award for Twentieth Century History

Lacey Howard, Haven Middle School, Haven

Junior Individual Exhibit, "Influenza 1918: Encounter with the Unknown"

Teacher - Chris Terrill


Siemens Innovation in American History Award

Vincent Cheng, Wichita High School East, Wichita

Senior Historical Paper, ""Unwinding the Secret of Life: Exchanging Ideas in the History of Discovering the Structure of DNA"

Teacher - Jennifer Fry