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Valentine Diners - Arizona


  • Business name: Bubba's Barbeque
  • Street address: Lake Powell Boulevard
  • Open or closed: Closed
  • History: This Valentine originally was operated in Flagstaff as the Hi Way Diner and Chaunce's Diner. While local history says the diner opened in 1941, a 1982 newspaper photo suggests the building may actually date from after World War II (post-1945). As Chaunce's, it billed itself as having the "Best Hot Dog in Arizona." Chaunce and Dave Redeker owned it from 1979 until 1982, when they lost the lease for the land the diner sat on. The building was moved to Page in 1983, and it operated as Bubba's Barbeque for some time. Its current status is unknown.
  • Model / serial number: Unknown

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