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Valentine Diners - Illinois

Caffe Piccalo in Moline


  • Business name: Caffe' Piccalo
  • Street address: 421 14th Street
  • Open or closed: Closed
  • History: This 10-stool Valentine dates from ca. 1948. Alfred Smith bought the diner in 1957 and ran Al's Diner there for many years. In 1993 current owner Pamela Frankville purchased the diner from her mother, Virginia Farmer, and renamed it the Caffe' Piccalo (Farmer had operated it as Virginia's Diner for 15 years). The Caffe' Piccalo closed in 2007.
  • Model / serial number: Unknown / 653
  • Additional images:
    Exterior, rear
    Interior, seating
    Interior, kitchen
    Wall safe


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