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Valentine Diners - Wichita

Brints diner


  • Business name: Brint's Diner
  • Street address: 4834 E. Lincoln
  • Open / closed: Open
  • History: Opened in 1960 as Hunt's Diner, this Valentine was owned by Ralph Huntsperger for only six months. Robert Brincefield then purchased it and changed the name to Brint's--removing the "Hu" from the sign on the roofline and replacing the letters with the "Bri" from his own last name.
  • Andre O'Connor later owned the diner for four years, followed by Danny & Tania Dean, but the name Brint's has remained. The building is a Double Deluxe that originally seated 37 but was expanded in the early 1970s to seat 71 by the Valentine Division of Pyramid Manufacturing, Inc. After closing briefly, Jesse Medina reopened Brint's on June 23, 2004.

  • Model / serial number: Modified Double Deluxe / #2119-2120
  • Additional images:
    Exterior, Brint's Diner
    Interior, Brint's Diner
    Exterior, Hunt's Diner
    Brint's menu cover

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