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Takeru Higuchi, physical pharmacist with the University of Kansas, born January 1, 1918Zasu Pitts, actress, born in Parsons, January 3, 1894Vernon L. Smith, Nobel Prize-winning economist, born in Wichita, January 1, 1927



Clarina Nichols, born January 25, 1810, listened and knitted during debates at the Wyandotte constitutional convention, as the official representative of the Moneka Woman's Rights Association. She influenced the final draft of the constitution to help women.

Clarina Nichols

Events in Kansas History

Ironically, it was President James Buchanan, a man despised by most free-state settlers in Kansas, who signed the bill making Kansas the 34th state on January 29, 1861.

Kansas, the 34th star

Today in Kansas history