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Anderson, Rick  National Register Historian 
Arnold, Robert  Grounds Supervisor 
Athon, Bobbie  Public Information Officer 
Atwood, Evelyn  Museum Teacher 
Beck, Sharon  Administrative Assistant (a.m.) 
Berg, Lisa A.  Historic Sites Supervisor 
Booher, Dorothy  Administrative Assistant (p.m.) 
Brant, Renee  Development Assistant 
Brennan, Joy  Program Coordinator 
Brentano, Joe  Site Administrator, Grinter Place 
Brooks, Mark  Site Administrator, Kaw Mission 
Brown, Gwen  Site Administrator, Shawnee Indian Mission 
Carlton, Charity  Inventory/Assistant Clerk 
Castaneda, Pete  Custodial Specialist 
Chappell, Matthew  Division Director, Administration 
Chinn, Jennie  Executive Director, Kansas Historical Society 
Chinn, Jennie  State Historic Preservation Officer 
Christman, Don  Accountant 
Church, Michael A.  Digital Initiatives Coordinator 
Coble, Teresa  Digital Specialist 
Cole, Mark  Archives Specialist 
Cole, Mark  Accounts Payable Clerk 
Cole, Nancy  Accountant 
Dannenberg, Craig  System Administrator 
Darling, Pam  Administrative Assistant 
DeBacker, Art  Information Technology Volunteer 
DeGarmo, Jesse  Project Manager 
Desmuke, Christine  Database Administrator 
Ditmore, Jessica  Page 
Drown, Lynn  Teacher Tour Guide 
Duncan, Rebeccca  Museum Teacher 
Ellis, Tom  Director of Development 
Epps, Benjamin  Photographer 
Fewell, Cheryl  Museum Teacher 
Figgins, Mary Beth  Land Survey Coordinator 
Forbes, Susan  Reference Librarian 
Forte, Devrin  Custodial Specialist 
Fox, Marcia  Curriculum Specialist 
Fredericksen, Lin  Reference Archivist 
Frydman, Tess  Museum Teacher 
Garst, Christine  Archeologist 
Garwood, Darrell  Archivist and Preservation Coordinator 
Gilbert, Jerry  Custodial Supervisor 
Gould, Richard  Site Administrator, Pawnee Indian Museum 
Hammerschmidt, Joanna  Electronic Records Archivist 
Haney, Joshua  Page 
Harris, LuAnn  Procurement Officer 
Harris, LuAnn  Facility Rental 
Hazen, Martin  Museum Store Associate 
Henley, Vicky  Executive Director and CEO, Kansas Historical Foundation 
Herr, Lois  Education Coordinator 
Hoard, Robert  State Archeologist 
Hodge, Norman  Capitol Tour Guide 
Holt, Marla  Retail Coordinator 
Hudgens, Susan  Museum Store Associate 
Hunter, Sarah  Review and Compliance Coordinator 
Johnston, Kristen  Historic Tax Credit Specialist 
Keckeisen, Sara  Reference Librarian 
Kern, Betty  Facility Rental Assistant 
Keys, Lisa  Digital Specialist 
Knecht, Margaret  Cataloging/Acquisitions Librarian 
Longofono, Marsha  Senior Administrative Assistant 
Loughlin, Amanda  Survey Coordinator 
Mabrey, Ronnie  Custodial Specialist 
Macken, Megan  Digital Archivist 
Mackey, Amanda  Museum Store Associate 
Madden, Mary  Division Director, Museum and Education 
Marmet, Terry  Director of Operations 
McMillin, Christopher  Capitol Visitor Center Guide 
Mischke, Charlene  Administrative Assistant (a.m.) 
Moore-Meinzer, Roberta  Teacher Tour Guide 
Morgan, Patty  Office Assistant 
Neal, Tami  Site Administrator, Mine Creek Battlefield 
Oroke, Deacon  Capitol Store Associate 
Park, Linda Kunkle  Graphic Designer Senior 
Powell, Gina S.  Contract Archeologist 
Price, Eldon  Maintenance Technician 
Price, Ken  Architect 
Prouty, Chris  Exhibits Director 
Pugh, Christopher  Buildings System Maintenance Technician 
Renick, Matt  Museum Assistant 
Richards, Marilee  Library Assistant 
Ringler, Katrina  Historic Preservation Grants Manager 
Rues, Tim  Site Administrator, Constitution Hall 
Sage, Marvin  Grounds 
Schermerhorn, Jim  Custodial Specialist 
Schmeidler, Connie  Site Administrator, Fort Hays 
Seago, Marissa  Museum Store Associate 
Seeger, Ronald  Assistant Exhibits Director 
Sherbert, Nancy  Photographs and Head of Acquisitions 
Sherman, Wayne  Custodial Specialist 
Sommers, Raena J.  Accountant 
Stanley, Christie  Acquisitions Assistant 
Stillings, Cindy  Executive Assistant, Kansas Historical Foundation 
Stillings, Cindy  Executive Assistant, Kansas Historical Society 
Tarr, Blair  Curator, Museum 
Veatch, Matt  Division Director, State Archives 
Waddle, Donna  Museum Store Associate 
Wade, Darren  Capitol Tour Guide 
Wadsworth, Doug  Physical Plant Supervisor 
Waggoner, Tricia  Highway Archeologist 
Welch, Randy  Capitol Store Associate 
Weston, Tim  Historic Preservation Archeologist 
Wilk, Ken  Site Administrator, Red Rocks 
Wood, Steve  Imaging Technician 
Wulfkuhle, Virginia  Public Archeologist 
Younger, Tammy  Site Administrator, Fort Hays 
Zimmerman, Nikaela  Registrar, Museum 
Zollner, Patrick  Division Director, Cultural Resources