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KSHS Staff Directory -- Museum and Education

Atwood, Evelyn  Museum Teacher 
Brennan, Joy  Program Coordinator 
Brentano, Joe  Capital Tour Guide  
Darling, Pam  Administrative Assistant 
Drown, Lynn  Teacher Tour Guide 
Duncan, Rebeccca  Museum Teacher 
Fewell, Cheryl  Museum Teacher 
Fox, Marcia  Curriculum Specialist 
Frydman, Tess  Museum Teacher 
Herr, Lois  Education Coordinator 
Hodge, Norman  Capitol Tour Guide 
Madden, Mary  Division Director, Museum and Education 
McAdoo, Stan  Capitol Tour Guide 
Moore-Meinzer, Roberta  Teacher Tour Guide 
Morgan, Patty  Office Assistant 
Prouty, Chris  Exhibits Director 
Renick, Matt  Museum Assistant 
Seeger, Ronald  Assistant Exhibits Director 
Simonson, Altaire  Capitol Tour Guide 
Smith, Patti  Capitol Tour Guide 
Tarr, Blair  Curator, Museum 
Wade, Darren  Capitol Tour Guide 
Zimmerman, Nikaela  Registrar, Museum