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Benjamin Sanford Paulen, Kansas Governor

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Date: Between January 12, 1925 and January 14, 1929

Level of Description: Item

Material Type: Photograph

Call Number: B Paulen, Ben S. *1

Unit ID: 208258

Summary: This formal portrait shows Benjamin Sanford Paulen, 1869-1961, a banker from Fredonia, Kansas. He begins a career in politics when he is elected, in 1912, as a Republican to the Kansas Senate representing District thirteenth of Wilson County, Kansas. A position he serves in from 1913 to 1920. Paulen continues a career in politics when he is elected, in 1922, as lieutenant governor of Kansas serving with governor Jonathan M. Davis. He accepts the Republican nomination for governor in 1924 and is elected in the November general election as the twenty-third governor of Kansas. Paulen serves from January 12, 1925 - January 14, 1929. During his administration he signs into law the 1927 Kindergarten Bill and legalizes cigarettes sales.

Space Required/Quantity: 18x9 cm. X 11.5 cm., negative available

Title (Main title): Benjamin Sanford Paulen, Kansas Governor


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