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Charlie John Angell

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Date: Between 1915 and 1927

Level of Description: Item

Material Type: Photograph

Call Number: B Angell, Charlie J *1

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Summary: Charlie Angell, of Plains, Kansas, was a wheat farmer with a special knack for machines. In the 1920s, Angell sought to develop a plow that was particularly suited to the environmental conditions in the windy, semi-arid plains of western Kansas where he lived and farmed. He eventually perfected a new type of implement. It became known as the one-way disc plow because its vertical discs were mounted on the same axle and, therefore, they all moved the soil in the same, single, direction. It plowed faster, handled heavy stubble well, broke hard sun-baked soil, and destroyed weeds. Charlie Angell built close to 500 plows on his Meade County farm, then sold the rights to the Ohio Cultivator Company in Bellevue, Ohio.

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Title (Main title): Charlie John Angell


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