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Gottlieb F. Oehler to Eli K. Price

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Creator: Oehler, Gottlieb

Date: July 11, 1859

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Material Type: Manuscripts

Call Number: Miscellaneous Oehler

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Summary: Gottlieb F. Oehler, a Moravian missionary working with the Chippewa and Munsee Indians in Kansas Territory, wrote this letter to Eli Price regarding the mistreatment of Indians and whites? disrespectful attitudes toward Indian lands. Oehler was appalled that white squatters frequently settled on Indian land with no response from the federal government, who should have protected Indian land claims. While most white Americans agreed with the government?s approach to removal, Oehler hoped that Price would speak out against federal policies and educate the public in the eastern United States about the treatment of Indians out west. Unfortunately for the Native Americans, the views of most Americans did not change fast enough to save them from being placed on reservations.

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Title (Main title): Gottlieb F. Oehler to Eli K. Price


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