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Drought relief cattle in Kansas City stockyards

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Date: May 1, 1935

Level of Description: Item

Material Type: Photograph

Call Number: FK2.7 ERC.1935 *1

Unit ID: 211806

Summary: This photograph captures one of the hardships faced by families during the Dust Bowl--starving cattle. It was taken in Kansas City, Kansas, by the Kansas Emergency Relief Committee, a state agency working to relieve the financial burdens of families suffering during the droughts of the 1930s. The KERC worked alongside the Agricultural Adjustment Administration, which began a cattle-purchasing program in 1934. Emaciated cattle (as in this photograph) were destroyed after purchase, and healthy cattle were shipped to slaughter with the meat being distributed to poor families needing relief.

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Title (Main title): Drought relief cattle in Kansas City stockyards


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