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Christina Jackson interview

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Creator: Jackson, Christina

Date: September 20, 1991

Level of Description: Item

Material Type: Audiotape, Voice

Call Number: Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka Oral History Coll. 251, Reference Copies, Box 2, Folder 1

Unit ID: 211835

Summary: Christina Jackson was born on August 15, 1926, in Topeka, Kansas, to Georgia and Jess Edwards. In this interview, Jackson speaks about her experiences at the segregated Washington Elementary School and then at the integrated East Topeka Junior High and Topeka High School. According to Jackson, Washington had very strict teachers who emphasized the importance of learning about African American history. Her children attended Monroe School and, after desegregation, moved to State Street School, which had formerly been a school for white children only. Her children recalled that the faculty at State Street worked hard to integrate the black students, who were for the most part accepted by their peers. It was not until her children entered Holliday Junior High that they struggled with racial discrimination and derogatory comments. Jackson also discusses her work experiences and involvement in social clubs and volunteer organizations. This interview was conducted by Jean VanDelinder and Ralph Crowder. The Brown v. Board oral history project was funded by Hallmark Cards Inc., the Shawnee County Historical Society, the Brown Foundation for Educational Excellence, Equity, and Research, the National Park Service and the Kansas Humanities Council. Parts of the interview may be difficult to hear due to the quality of the original recording.

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Title (Main title): Christina Jackson interview

Part of: Brown v. Topeka Board of Education oral history collection at the Kansas State Historical Society.


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