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Interview on experiences in World War II

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Creator: Battershell, Earl

Date: July 5, 2006

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Call Number: World War II Oral Histories Project

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Biographical sketch: At the age of 20, Earl Battershell joined the Navy, went to boot camp in the Great Lakes and then to a service school to be an aviation ordinance man. He was sent to Norfolk, Virginia where he flew out in PVY's, patrolling for submarines. Then he was sent to Trinidad and because they were afraid German submarines were going to attack the Panama Canal he was sent there. Towards the end of the war he was sent back to Norfolk, VA and towed targets in B-26's. He said that the fighter planes looked like they were going to crash into the ocean when you were looking down on them but they "didn't splash." In all his patrolling he never actually saw a submarine. When asked about the food he said that it was better at the Army PX than it was back in Norfolk, where they were feeding 3,000 men in the mess hall. When he was discharged he had trouble finding work because those that had been drafted were guaranteed their job back when they returned from the service. He took advantage of the GI Bill while he was an upholstery apprentice, it paid him $200 a month, and he also purchased 2 houses through the program.

Summary: Battershell enlisted in the Navy in 1942 and served until 1945. Interviewed by Marian Poe on Jul 5, 2006, Battershell talked about military experiences in the Second World War. The 2005 Kansas Legislature passed a bill funding the WWII Veterans Oral History grant program. This transcript is from one of the community institutions receiving grants. The transcript of the interview is presented here; the original video copy of the interview is available through the Rice County Historical Society (Lyons) and through the Kansas State Historical Society.

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Title (Main title): Interview on experiences in World War II

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