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Golden Charles Dresher photograph collection

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Creator: Dresher, Golden Charles

Date: Between 1870 and 1940

Level of Description: Item

Material Type: Photograph

Call Number: G. C. Dresher Coll.

Unit ID: 214528

Summary: This collection consists of 326 photographs taken by G. C. (Golden Charles) Dresher of Canton, McPherson County, Kansas. The photos mostly concern the Dresher family, their friends and the surrounding area. Photographs of McPherson College students and the flooding of Cow Creek are also included. Dorothy May (Dresher) Richards, the daughter of G. C. Dresher, donated the original glass plate negatives.

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Title (Main title): Golden Charles Dresher photograph collection

Scope and Content

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  1. An unidentified couple sitting together in possibly Finney, Scott, or Lane County, Kansas in 1907-1909. This photo is of the same two people exposed twice to make it look like four people are in the photograph (Neg. 1)
  2. Four children, Florence, Dorothy, Donald, and Margaret Dresher, playing in a sand pile on the G.C. Dresher farm in McPherson County, Kansas in 1913-1914 (Neg. 2)
  3. Exterior view of the G.C. and Maude ( Way) Dresher farm and property in Canton, McPherson County, Kansas in 1934 (Neg. 3)
  4. A group of people, mainly members of the Dresher family at a picnic, standing around two automobiles in Coronado Heights, McPherson County, Kansas in 1923 (Neg. 4)
  5. A little girl, Margaret Helen Dresher, standing outside of the G.C. Dresher farm in Finney County, Kansas in 1908 (Neg. 5)
  6. A little girl, Margaret Helen Dresher, standing outside of a residence in Finney County, Kansas in May 1907 (Neg. 6)
  7. Copy of photograph, which shows a portrait of the Dresher family in Kansas in 1918. Seated: Golden Charles (G.C.), Dorothy May, Donald Way, and Maude Way. Standing: Margaret Helen, and Florence Pearl (Neg. 7)
  8. Four children, Margaret, Florence, Donald and Dorothy Dresher on the porch of a residence, probably G.C. Dresher's, in McPherson County, Kansas, in September 1912 (Neg. 8)
  9. Two unidentified couples seated in Jess Brubaker's Mason automobile in Kansas about 1900. Four of the Dresher family members are in the photo as well and they are located beside the car (Neg. 9)
  10. View of the J.N. and Sadie Dresher farm, barn, and property in Rice County, near Lyons, Kansas about 1900. (Neg. 10)
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082-04-02-01 to 082-04-02-03  Glass negatives #186-326 
082-04-03-03 to 082-04-03-04  Glass plate negatives #1-185 
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