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Samuel Crumbine to Governor Arthur Capper

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Creator: Crumbine, S.J.

Date: June 16, 1917

Level of Description: Item

Material Type: Government record

Call Number: Governor's Office, Governor Arthur Capper, Correspondence Files, Alphabetical File Box 16 Folder 31a

Unit ID: 217220

Summary: In this letter to Governor Capper, Samuel Crumbine, Secretary of the Kansas State Board of Health, addresses the issue of a sanitation zone around all military installations in the state of Kansas. Crumbine explains that, at the annual meeting of the State Board of Health (June 13-14, 1917), the Board passed resolutions to "sanitate" the zone around military installations per the requests of the Federal Government. One such resolution declared all "outside, unfly proofed toilets a public nuisance and a menace to public health." Such seemingly trivial measures indicate that military installations were important concerns for the public, as well as the Board of Health, well before the outbreak of the Influenza of 1918.

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Title (Main title): Samuel Crumbine to Governor Arthur Capper

Part of: Records of the Kansas Governor's Office. Records of the Kansas Governor's Office : administration of Governor Arthur Capper (1915-1919).


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