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Delia school, Ingalls, Kansas

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Date: 1912

Level of Description: Item

Material Type: Photograph

Call Number: 2010.006.01

Unit ID: 217382

Summary: This photograph shows the interior of Delia School with students and their teacher posed in front of the blackboard, Ingalls, Kansas. People in the photograph are identified as: (first row) Maggie Minet, Mary Minet, _____, _____, Irvin Henderson, _____, _____; (second row) Clare Bernasky, Marietta Henderson, Cleo Henderson, Helen Ireek (teacher), Frank Minet, Nora Minet, Joe Bernasky; (third row) Anna Owens, Kenneth Henderson, Dave Owens, _____, _____, Merle Rhodes, John Minet, and August Bernasky.

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Title (Main title): Delia school, Ingalls, Kansas


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