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Carroll Loyd video interview on experiences in World War II (transcript)

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Creator: Loyd, Carroll

Date: October 2, 2007

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Call Number: World War II Oral Histories Project

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Biographical sketch: Carroll Loyd doesn't recall how many deferments he got because he was custom hay baling all over the country. In 1943 he got married and in August 1945 he was drafted into the Army. Before he was drafted he had been training with the State Guard every week. His basic training was at Camp Roberts in California and then he was to go to Camp Pickett in Virginia but he and another man got called out and sent to Baltimore, Maryland to Camp Oliver. While he was at Camp Oliver, on the weekends they would go to New York and got free tickets to buy meals and attend shows. They saw everything there was to see in Washington, D.C. while they were in Baltimore. He attended school for several months to learn the Japanese language and then in May 1946 was sent to Tokyo. Loyd said that after they got there they really didn't do much. They had a Japanese man for their interpreter who went with them to meetings and other places and had tours of Tokyo and could go any place they wanted to. On the weekends several guys from back in Brown and Nemaha County who were stationed there would come to their headquarters and they would go for ice cream. It was the only place in the area that they could get it. In October he returned to the United States and his family in Brown County. Loyd commented that probably no one in the service rode a train more than he did, as he went across the country several times. He is a member of the Powhattan American Legion and they have a large group of 80 to 100 members. For medical services he uses the VA and he also had a VA loan for his farming.

Summary: Carroll Loyd was inducted into the United States Army in 1945 and served until 1946 in Army Counterintelligence. He did basic training at Camp Roberts, California. Most of his training for counterintelligence was at Camp Halabird, Maryland. He studied Japanese and the Japanese culture. He was sent to Tokyo after the war had ended. He was born on a farm near Hiawatha on June 17, 1921. He graduated from Powhattan Rural High School in 1939. He had numerous farm deferments before he was drafted. He was interviewed by Suzette McCord-Rogers on Oct 2, 2007. The 2005 Kansas Legislature passed a bill funding the WWII Veterans Oral History grant program. This transcript is from one of the community institutions receiving grants. The transcript of the interview is presented here; the original video copy of the interview is available through the Doniphan County Historical Society (Troy) and through the Kansas State Historical Society.

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Title (Main title): Carroll Loyd video interview on experiences in World War II (transcript)

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