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Aloysius Winklebauer and Cyril Winklebauer video interview on experiences in World War II (transcript)

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Creator: Winklebauer, Aloysius

Date: April 21, 2007

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Material Type: Manuscripts

Call Number: World War II Oral Histories Project

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Biographical sketch: Al (Aloysius) Winklebauer grew up in Horton and graduated from high school there in 1939, the second oldest of five brothers. His father was a carpenter and he worked with him for a while and then went to work in Alliance, Nebraska at a defense plant that built barracks for the troops. That was where he was when his father called and told him he got his draft notice to report to the Army. He trained at Campswift, Texas and Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri and also spent time at San Luis Obispo, CA before shipping out from New York to go to Europe for the Battle of the Bulge. They went straight to the lines and he doesn't recall where they landed but he said it was after the Battle of the Bulge. He was with Headquarters Company so they were right behind the front lines, supplying all the clothing, food, water, etc. that the troops needed. They would take stuff in with 6 by 6's in the middle of the night and he said you never knew where you were headed. Al said, "If you wanna know the truth I was so danged scared I didn't know what I was doin'." If there was no clean water available they carried iodine to purify it. They got paid $21 a month and cigarettes only cost them 50 cents a carton. He had several amusing stories to tell of his experiences as a supply sergeant and he made a few good buddies that he still keeps in touch with. Al's division was the last one to go into the European Theater and the first to come back to the States. He was given a 30 day furlough and then headed to the Pacific Ocean where he had been for about 30 days when the war ended. They were finally sent to Yokohama, Japan as part of the occupation forces there. In February, 1946 he returned to the United States and in February 1951 he was called back for the Korean conflict. During his time in Korea he made Sergeant First Class. Al said that he didn't get any GI benefits; he joined the Legion but wasn't an active member. In February 1947 he got married and went back to working with his brothers and father building homes.

Summary: Aloysius Winklebauer was inducted into the Army (Infantry) in 1942 and served until 1946 in the 95th Infantry, 97th Infantry, 386th Regiment Headquarters Co. He was stationed in both Europe and the Pacific. He was born January 22, 1921, and grew up in Horton. Before and after the war he worked in Construction. The transcript also contains an interview with Aloysius's brother Cyril. He was stationed in Brazil but it is not clear in what branch of the military he served. They were interviewed by Suzette McCord-Rogers on Apr 21, 2007. The 2005 Kansas Legislature passed a bill funding the WWII Veterans Oral History grant program. This transcript is from one of the community institutions receiving grants. The transcript of the interview is presented here; the original video copy of the interview is available through the Doniphan County Historical Society (Troy) and through the Kansas State Historical Society.

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Title (Main title): Aloysius Winklebauer and Cyril Winklebauer video interview on experiences in World War II (transcript)

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