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Commercial National Bank and F. C. Noller Mercantile Company in Alma, Kansas

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Date: 1910

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Material Type: Photograph

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Summary: This view of the Alma business district shows the Commercial National Bank and the F. C. Noller Mercantile Company located in the 200 block of Missouri Street. Originally the bank building was known as the Horne building when Theresa Horne operated her hotel there. W. W. Thompson purchased it in 1908 and then sold it a few days later to Louis Palenske, who remodeled the building before opening the Commercial National Bank in 1909. Over the years, the building housed a hotel, bank, saloon, and produce business. Fred C. Palenske donated the building and the museum building across the street to the Wabaunsee County Historical Society in 1968. Born and raised in Alma, he founded Industrial Rubber Goods Company in St. Joseph, Michigan. He held three U.S. patents for rubber insulating material. After his wife's death in 1959, he sold his business, and in 1961, he sent anonymous donations of $5,000 to every private college in Michigan. Albion College was the only college that sent a thank you letter. He then made substantial donation to that institution to complete a science complex, which bears his name, Fred C. Palenske.

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Title (Main title): Commercial National Bank and F. C. Noller Mercantile Company in Alma, Kansas


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Holder of originals: Wabaunsee County Historical Society