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My experiences with the grasshoppers in 1866-1867

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Creator: Brown, Mary F.

Date: December 05, 1908

Level of Description: Item

Material Type: Manuscripts

Call Number: History, Grasshoppers Coll. #587 A

Unit ID: 222153

Summary: Reminiscences of Mary Brown during the grasshopper invasion for the years 1866 and1867. Mary writes of the grasshoppers devouring almost every bit of green vegetation in sight and her attempts to save her shrubs and flowers from being destroyed. She also writes of the grasshoppers laying eggs, the eggs hatching, and the young eating as much as the adults. This cycle happened several times that year. Once the grasshoppers left, the Brown's replanted with the help of seed sent by Senator Pomeroy.

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Title (Main title): My experiences with the grasshoppers in 1866-1867


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