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Frankwood E. Williams Papers

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Creator: Williams, Frankwood E. (Frankwood Earl), b. 1883

Date: 1905 - 1942, undated

Level of Description: Sub-collection/group

Material Type: Manuscripts

Call Number: Menninger Historic Psychiatry Coll., Williams, Box 2

Unit ID: 223262

Abstract: This collection of materials regarding Frankwood Williams mostly consists of transcripts, versions, and drafts of articles, papers, remarks, lectures, and other writings by Williams; correspondence, both personal and professional; course outlines and lecture notes; press releases; a biographical sketch; bibliographies; reprints and published copies of some of Williams' writings; tributes and obituaries after his death; correspondence between Marion Kenworthy and Norman Fenton potentially regarding Fenton writing a biography of Williams after his death (this never came to pass); and other miscellaneous materials.

The remarks, lectures, and other writings concern such topics as nervous and mental diseases; the emotional and psychological development of children, especially with regards to parenting and to teaching; mental hygiene for children, teenagers, and college students; jails and prisons, as well as probation for prisoners; and other related topics. Many of these remarks were addressed to educators, general practitioners, and other lay people in the field of psychiatry. The personal correspondence mostly dates from Williams' youth and schooling. Professional correspondence concerns lecture arrangements and is otherwise related to his lectures and writing; a Dutch organization for the creation of child guidance clinics; and Karl Menninger's psychoanalysis, as well as the Menningers' Southard School.

Summary: This collection of materials consists of biographical sketches, correspondence (both personal and professional), lecture notes, bibliographies, and tributes for Frankwood E. Williams, director of the National Committee for Mental Hygiene. Much of the correspondence is between Marion Kenworthy and Norman Fenton regarding Fenton potentially writing a biography of Williams after his death (this never came to pass). A photograph of Williams is included in folder 12. This correspondence is part of the historic psychiatry material in the Menninger Archives. A searchable, full-text transcription is forthcoming.

Space Required/Quantity: 1.00 cubic feet

Title (Main title): Frankwood E. Williams Papers

Part of: Menninger Foundation Archives. Historic Psychiatry sub-collection.


Biog. Sketch (Full): Frankwood Earl Williams was born in 1883 in Cardington, Ohio, the son of James L. and Amanda E. Williams. He received his bachelors degree from the University of Wisconsin in 1907 and his medical degree from the University of Michigan in 1912.

Williams served as resident physician of the State Psychopathic Hospital of the University of Michigan before going to Boston, Massachusetts and serving as executive officer and first assistant physician to the Boston Psychopathic Hospital. From 1915-1917 he was medical director for the Massachusetts Society for Mental Hygiene, at the same time chairing the Massachusetts Advisory Prison Board.

Moving to New York City in 1917, Williams became associate medical director for the National Committee for Mental Hygiene. In 1922 he was promoted to medical director, a position he held until 1931. During WWI, Williams served as first assistant and chief of the division of neurology and psychiatry in the U.S. Surgeon General's office. He lectured for the Yale University School of Medicine during the 1920s and later the College of Physicians and Surgeons.

Williams edited two different publications and wrote numerous articles and other materials. He was a Fellow of the American Medical Association and held membership in numerous other professional organizations, including the American Psychoanalytic Association, American Psychiatric Association, New England Society of Psychiatry, American Psychopathological Association, American Orthopsychiatric Association, and the County and State Medical Societies. In the 1910s and 1920s he chaired the Mental Hygiene Division of the National Conference of Social Work.

Frankwood E. Williams died 24 September 1936 from cancer of the liver, on his way to Russia, having studied mental health in the Soviet Union.

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  1. Massachusetts Reformatory for Women 1916 (Box 1, folder 1)
  2. New York Neurological Institute Oct. 2, 1917 (Box 1, folder 2)
  3. "Mental Hygiene" May 14, 1919 (Box 1, folder 3)
  4. "Mental and Nervous Disease as a Problem of Public Health" May 14, 1919 (Box 1, folder 4)
  5. "Mental Hygiene and the College Student" December 31, 1920 (Box 1, folder 5)
  6. "The Significance of Mental Hygiene for the Teacher and the Normal Child" March 1, 1921 (Box 1, folder 6)
  7. "Psychiatry in Relation to Medicine" 1921 (Box 1, folder 7)
  8. Discussion--Faculty of Ethical Culture School, New York 1921 (Box 1, folder 8)
  9. "The Need for Emotional Control Through Education" [1923] (Box 1, folder 9)
  10. "Mental Hygiene and Childhood" 1923 (Box 1, folder 10)
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    Southard School
    Fenton, Norman -- Correspondence
    Kenworthy, Marion E. (Marion Edwena), 1891-1980 -- Correspondence
    Menninger, Karl A. (Karl Augustus), 1893-1990
    Williams, Frankwood E. (Frankwood Earl), b. 1883 -- Correspondence
    Williams, Frankwood E. (Frankwood Earl), b. 1883 -- Death
    Williams, Frankwood E. (Frankwood Earl), b. 1883 -- Manuscripts
    Mental health education -- United States -- History -- 20th century
    Mental health -- United States -- History -- 20th century
    Prison psychology

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    Organizations/Corporations. Menninger Foundation Archives. Historic Psychiatry. Individuals. Frankwood Earl Williams.