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John R. Brinkley correspondence and political material

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Date: 1925-1976

Level of Description: File unit

Material Type: Manuscripts

Call Number: John R. Brinkley Coll. 107, Box 1

Unit ID: 223414

Summary: Correspondence pertaining to John R. Brinkley. These letters contain information on Brinkley's political, medical, and business affairs. There are a number of letters dealing with his two radio stations, KFKB in Kansas and XERA in Mexico.

Space Required/Quantity: [Not stated]

Title (Main title): John R. Brinkley correspondence and political material

Scope and Content

Portions of Collection Not Separately Described:

  1. Correspondence, October 1925-September 1932
  2. Correspondence, October 1932-December 1932
  3. Correspondence, January-April 1933
  4. Correspondence, May 1933-December 1936
  5. Correspondence, 1937-1940
  6. Correspondence, 1941
  7. Correspondence, 1942
  8. Correspondence, undated
  9. Correspondence, 1943-1951
  10. Political material, position papers on taxation, platform corrections
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