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Group of six motorcyclists, Kansas Short Grass Motorcycle Club Tour

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Date: Between 1911 and 1915

Level of Description: Item

Material Type: Photograph

Call Number: HE.96 .1913c *2

Unit ID: 226130

Summary: This photograph shows six motorcyclists who participated in a Kansas Short Grass Motorcycle Club tour, possibly in 1913. The motorcyclist on the far left is believed to be Phil Zimmerman, the Short Grass club's Secretary-Treasurer. Third from the left is Inez Patterson, daughter of the club's founder, Dr. Benjamin J. Patterson. Inez was an active participant in the club, serving as captain of the Girls' Division. The others in the photo cannot be identified. The motorcycles pictured are from the following manufacturers (left to right): Pope, Excelsior, unknown, Harley Davidson, Indian, Indian.

The Kansas Short Grass Motorcycle Club was founded in Rexford in the summer of 1910 under Dr. Patterson's leadership. It achieved national attention and acclaim, largely because of its well-publicized, long-distance motorcycle tours into Colorado and Wyoming. The Short Grass club was most active between 1910 and 1915, sponsoring tours each of those years except 1914. During its heyday, the club described itself as "the most famous motorcycle club in the world."

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Title (Main title): Group of six motorcyclists, Kansas Short Grass Motorcycle Club Tour


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