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Charles M. Sheldon memorials

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Date: 1924-1984

Level of Description: Series

Material Type: Manuscripts

Call Number: Charles M. Sheldon and Central Congregational Church Coll. #222, Box 4 Folder 17 - Box 5 Folder 1

Unit ID: 227118

Summary: Charles M. Sheldon (1857-1946) served as a minister of the Central Congregational Church in Topeka, Kansas from 1889 to 1920. He was also an author of the international best seller, In His Steps, which was published in 1897. A series of memorials, presented here, comprises part of the Charles Monroe Sheldon/Central Congregational Church Collection. A complete description of the entire collection is available through a link below. This series includes letters, a notebook, published articles, and assorted items surrounding Sheldon's death and memorials in his honor. The letters are to and from individuals and members or groups associated with Sheldon's study, the Altruist Club of Central Congregational Church organized by Sheldon, and exhibits related to Sheldon after his death. Correspondents include Carl K. Linge, Elsei Hobson, Hugh F. McKean, Charles W. Helsley, Howard S. Searle, Hermione Adams, Brewster Place, Catharine Brandenburg, Andrew K. Craig, John Goodin, Emma Crabb, Walter Earl Glover Architect, Bailey-Reynolds Chandelier Company, D. O. Coe Seed & Grain Company, Pilgrim Congregational Church in California, and First (Park) Congregational Church. Emma Crabb was in charge of the Sheldon Collection at the Central Congregational Church. The publication, Congregational KANSAS, published in 1946, provides his picture on the cover page and an article titled "Dr. Charles Monroe Sheldon, Congregational Minister." The topics of other publications, such as the Congressional Record of 1946, and PROGRESS, also published in 1946, include Sheldon's lifelong activities as a pastor and author.

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Title (Main title): Charles M. Sheldon memorials

Scope and Content

Portions of Collection Separately Described:

Portions of Collection Not Separately Described:

  1. Charles M. Sheldon, Memorials, Community House (Central Congregational), Oct. 1924 - May 1927 (box 4, folder 17)
  2. Charles M. Sheldon, Memorials,Walk of Fame, 1954 (box 4, folder 18)
  3. Charles M. Sheldon, Memorials, study, correspondence and miscellaneous items, May 1964 - Sept. 1984 (box 4, folder 19)
  4. Charles M. Sheldon, Memorial Room, Central Congregational Church, undated (box 4, folder 20)
  5. Charles M. Sheldon, Memorials, written and printed, March and April 1946 (box 5, folder 1)


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