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Bird's eye view of Lawrence, Kansas

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Creator: Morse, D. D

Date: 1880

Level of Description: Item

Material Type: Map/Cartographic

Call Number: Map Drawer X

Unit ID: 227546

Summary: This colored lithograph presents a bird's eye view of Lawrence, Kansas. The Kansas River runs through the fore ground of the image. Street names are easily visible. The lithograph has two legends. The one on the left is titled "The New" and the one on the right is "The Old." The "new" legend identifies churches, businesses, manufacturing,railroad depots, schools, and "Kansas State University," which is actually the University of Kansas. The "old" legend includes the first house in Lawrence and homes of early settlers, structures related to the New England Emigrant Aid Society, newspapers, hotels, churches, and other early structures. An inset in the lower right corner depicts Lawrence in 1855. Bismarck Grove, a park and fair ground, is in the lower left insert on the image. The bird's eye view was drawn by D. D. Morse and published by Wm. Zeuch & Co., Chicago, Illinois.

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Title (Main title): Bird's eye view of Lawrence, Kansas


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