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Temperance history materials

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Date: 1900 - 1912

Level of Description: File unit

Material Type: Manuscripts

Call Number: Temperance History Coll. #645, Box 21 Folder 8

Unit ID: 227810

Summary: These temperance materials include cartoons, postcards, circulars, and flyers pertaining to the prohibition movement in Kansas. A reward poster offers $35, pledged by citizens of Liberty, Kansas, for the conviction of violators of the prohibitory law. Publications include The First Friend, the official organ of the Society for the Friendless; the Sirocco, a pro-temperance publication of cartoons by N. P. L. Rosch; and a drawing by Samuel Reader with references to the devil and the Twentieth Century Total Abstinence Crusade.

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Title (Main title): Temperance history materials


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