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J. W. McClung to Lewis Allen Alderson

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Date: August 1, 1829

Level of Description: File unit

Material Type: Manuscripts

Call Number: Lewis Allen Alderson Coll. #255, Folder 29

Unit ID: 229108

Summary: A letter written to Lewis Allen Alderson from his friend J. W. McClung. Alderson was studying at the University of Ohio in Athens at the time, and McClung wrote seeking information on classes, expenses, and necessary qualifications. McClung claims his current tutor, Reverend John H. Hendren, is a most strict teacher. Lewis Allen Alderson later moved to Atchison, Kansas in 1858 and was a prominent Baptist minister. He died in Atchison in 1881. A searchable transcription is available by clicking "Text Version" below.

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Title (Main title): J. W. McClung to Lewis Allen Alderson


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