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Allen-Holmes Collection

Date: 1850 - 1972

Level of Description: Coll./Record Group

Material Type: Manuscripts

Call Number: Manuscripts Collection 883

Unit ID: 305637

Restrictions: No restrictions have been placed on these records by the donors.

Biographical sketch: Henry Justin Allen (1868-1950)
Newspaperman, politician, community leader.
Born September 11, 1868 to John and Rebecca (Goodin) Allen in Pittsfield, Pennsylvania
The John Allen family moved to Kansas in 1870, Henry was two years old at that time. The Allen family settled in Clay County Kansas, in the vicinity of Clay Center. Later the family moved to Osage County, near Burlingame.
Henry graduated from Burlingame High School, attended Baker University in Baldwin City, and received LLD degrees from Washburn University in Topeka and Denver University, and B Litt from Kansas Wesleyn University in Salina.
Henry married Elsie Jane Nuzman in Circleville, Kansas on October 19, 1891. They had four children; Frederick, Catherine, Henrietta and Justin. Frederick and Catherine died from diphtheria in 1902 and Justin died from bicycle injuries in 1910.
Editor and/or owner of Manhattan Nationalist, Ottawa Herald, Salina Journal, Wichita Beacon, Topeka Daily Capital, Parsons Daily Sun, Fort Scott Republican, Garden City Telegram, and Omaha (NE) Bee-News.
Served as a war correspondent in Cuba during the Spanish-American War and worked for the American Red Cross and YMCA in France during World War I.
In 1912, Henry left the Republican Party with Theodore Roosevelt to form the progressive Bull Moose Party. He was joined by his friends William Allen White and Victor Murdock creating the Progressive Party of Kansas. Henry ran as the Bull Moose candidate for Governor in 1912 and US Senate in 1914.
Henry was elected 21st Governor of the State of Kansas in 1918, while he was serving with the YMCA in France during World War I. He was re-elected to a second term in 1920. Clyde M. Reed and Alf Landon served as his private secretaries.
Gov. Clyde M. Reed appointed Henry to the U.S. Senate in 1929. He served out the remainder of the term of Vice-President Charles Curtis. He lost the campaign for re-election in 1930 in the General Election to Democratic challenger, George McGill.
Henry served on the relief boards for Near East Children?s Relief, Bundles for Britain, Save the Children Foundation and national chairman of British Children?s Aid Committee.
Death came at home in Wichita on January 17, 1950 from complications of a coronary thrombosis in the brain.

Biographical sketch: Elsie Jane (Nuzman) Allen, (1869- 1951)
Patron of the Arts, community leader, First Lady of Kansas
Born September 27, 1869, the oldest daughter of Frederick C and Mary Jane (Anderson) Nuzman in Circleville, Kansas. Elsie Jane had three younger brothers and 4 younger sisters.
Elsie graduated from Circleville schools, then attended Baker University in Baldwin City, Kansas. She graduated from Baker in the class of 1890
Elsie married Henry Justin Allen in Circleville, Kansas on October 19, 1891. They had four children; Frederick, Catherine, Henrietta and Justin. Frederick and Catherine died from diphtheria in 1902 and Justin died from bicycle accident injuries in 1910.
From 1916 to its completion in 1918, Elsie worked with Frank Lloyd Wright on the design and construction of their ?Wright? home on Roosevelt Avenue in Wichita. This is the only Frank Lloyd Wright home in Kansas and is one of his last Prairie style homes built by Wright.
She was the First Lady of Kansas from 1919 to 1923.
Elsie was a great patron of the arts. She gave her large art collection to Baker University in 1919. Worked to start up the Wichita Arts Association, serving on its board from 1921 till her death in 1951. She was chair of the WAAs Art School Committee. The four scholarships given to Wichita high school graduates were given in her name as the Elsie J. Allen Scholarships.
She worked often with her husband on relief committees. Most of the committees revolved around relief of impoverished children due to war. Served on such relief boards as the Near East Children?s Relief, Bundles for Britain, Save the Children Foundation and British Children?s Aid Committee.
Death occurred in Wichita on December 29, 1951. She was buried in the Maple Grove Cemetery in Wichita, beside her husband Henry J. Allen. She was survived by her daughter, Henrietta, son-in-law Julies Holmes and three grandchildren; Henry Allen Holmes, Elsie Jane Holmes and Richard Peyton Holmes.

Biographical sketch: Henrietta H. (Allen) Holmes, (1900-1972)
Born October 13, 1900 in Ottawa, Kansas to Henry J. and Elsie Jane (Nuzman) Allen.
Henrietta grew up in Ottawa and Wichita, where her father was the owner and publisher of each city?s evening newspaper. Henrietta had three siblings, but she was the only child to live to adulthood. Siblings Frederick and Catherine died from diphtheria in 1902 and Justin died from a bicycle injury in 1910.
On April 26, 1932, Henrietta married Julius Cecil Holmes, the latter originally from Pleasanton, Kansas. The marriage ceremony took place in the home of Henry and Elsie Allen in Wichita. The home is noteworthy as it is the only house in Kansas designed and built by Frank Lloyd Wright.
She followed her husband all over the world, during his foreign diplomatic service. Posting included Washington, D.C., Bucharest, Hong Kong, London, Marseille, Casablanca and Tehran. During her husband?s career Mrs. Holmes entertained many notable guests, such as Lyndon and Lady Bird Johnson, Jackie Kennedy, the Shah of Iran.
Henrietta died on 31 January 1972 in Washington, D.C. She is buried next to her husband in Arlington National Cemetery.

Biographical sketch: Julius Cecil Holmes, (1899-1968)
Diplomat, soldier, businessman
Julius was born on April 24, 1899 to Reuben James and Louella Jane (Trussell) Holmes in Pleasanton, Kansas. He was the third of four sons of Reuben and Louella.
Upon graduation from high school, Julius attended the University of Kansas, graduating in 1922.
On April 26, 1932, Julius married Henrietta Allen of Wichita, Kansas. The marriage ceremony took place in the home of Henrietta?s parents, Henry and Elsie Allen in Wichita. The home is noteworthy as it is the only house in Kansas designed and built by Frank Lloyd Wright. The Holmes had three children; Henry Allen Holmes, Elsie Jane Holmes, and Richard Peyton Holmes.
In 1925, Julius joined the diplomatic service. Postings included Turkey, Albania, Romania, England, Hong Kong, France, Morocco and Iran. Mixed in with these foreign assignments were postings to Washington, D.C. During his career Julius became known as an authority on the Middle East and North African issues. Last posting was as Ambassador to Iran from 1961 to 1965. Julius retired from diplomatic service in 1968.
In 1937, Julius left diplomatic service to work as at the New York World?s Fair. While working at the fair Julius was responsible for working in all of the new exhibitors from around the world as they arrived.
In 1940, Julius was appointed President of General Mills in Brazil. This service lasted until the onset of WWII in the United States. Julius rejoined the Army in 1942 attaining the rank of Brigadier General with service starting with Executive Officer, U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, then 1942-1944 Liaison Section, AFHQ, ending with 1944 Deputy G-5, SHAEF.

Space Required/Quantity: 19.00 cubic feet

Title (Main title): Allen-Holmes Collection

Titles (Other):

  • Henry Justin and Elsie Nuzman Allen Papers
  • Julius Cecil and Henrietta Allen Holmes Papers

Publication Details

The Correspondence and Related Materials series consists of three cubic feet of material, with inclusive dates of 1885 to 1971. Subseries make the Correspondence series seem disjointed, while the box listing for the series provides the researcher with descriptions of all subseries, those created by Mrs. Allen or Holmes and those created during processing of the collection. Correspondence has subseries set up for Art, Effie Seachrest, Henry J. Allen Memoirs, Henry J. Allen Biographies and Funeral Service, Elsie Jane Allen Trip to Poland 1936, Baker University Endowment, Senatorial Papers of Henry J. Allen to Library of Congress, Frank Lloyd Wright correspondence, Henry J. Allen Letters Home from France 1917-1918, World War I Pou Commission papers, and Henry J. Allen for Governor correspondence 1918.
Subjects addressed in this series include:
• the Art Collecting ventures of Henry J. Allen, Elsie Jane Allen and Henrietta Holmes.
• Correspondence between Elsie Jane Allen and Hentrietta Holmes with Effie Seachrest.
• Diaries of Elsie Jane Allen.
• Memoirs of Henry J. Allen.
• Trip to Poland by Elsie J. Allen in 1936
• Correspondence between Henry J. and Elsie J. Allen with Frank Lloyd Wright, 1916-1919
• Correspondence from Henry J. Allen to his wife and daughter, during his service with the American Red Cross and YMCA during WWI, 1917-1918.
• Correspondence from and to Henry J. Allen concerning the battlefield record of the 35th Infantry Division during WWI. Allen would testify before Congress as part of the Pou Commission in 1919.
• Correspondence between Henry J. Allen and his compatriots supporting his bid for the Gubernatorial seat of Kansas in 1918. Includes correspondence with Clyde M. Reed and William Allen White.
• Julius C. Holmes’ participation in the Amerasia Spy Case, later 1940s.
• Julius C. Holmes’ participation in the American surplus oil tanker deal, 1947-1949.
• Henry J. Allen’s Kansas Court of Industrial Relations, 1919-1922.
• Julius C. Holmes’ participation in Operation Flagpole, 1943.
• Henry J. Allen’s participation in University Afloat, 1926-1927.
• Henry J. Allen’s participation in Near East Relief, 1920s.
• Henry J. Allen’s participation in World War II relief for Britain.

SERIES 1, folders 1 to 86.
1. Correspondence, Art collecting 1930-1951, folders 1 to 12.
a. Dealers; John Taylor Arms, Nicholas Acquavella, Knoedler and company, Louis A. Wuerth, Kennedy and company, Fine Art Society, Rodite and sons, Connell and sons, Kuh and Kuhn.
b. Collections: University of Kansas, Baker University, Wichita Art Association.
2. Correspondence, General 1885-1951, folders 13 to 14.
a. Persons: Mary Spender, Bertha V?, Sallie White, Agnes Lee Haskell, Agnes Slack (WTCU, London), Victor Murdock, Henry J. Taylor, Henry Allen Holmes (grandson), Dorothy? Hagedorn?, Ralph Pearson, Oliver Clapper, William Allen White, R.B. de Villeos (Director of Publications , Venezuela), Henry J. Haskell , Helen Rogers Reid, Frank Lloyd Wright, Will Rogers.
b. Sugjects: John A. Spender, Chamberlain and Hitler, WCTU, Mary Pearl (Allen) Murdock, WWII England, Post WWII England, Hyannis Port hurricane of 1944, Raymond Clapper, William “Bill” White, Ogden Mills Reid.
3. Corrrespondence, Effie Seachrest, folder 15.
a. Subject: art.
4. Diaries and writings, Elsie Jane Allen, Henry J. Allen 1926-1927, folders 17 to 21.
a. Travel diaries: Europe, College Cruise Around the World (1926-27), University Afloat 1926-27, Vienna, Naples, Romania, London, Paris, Poland, Venezuela.
b. Articles: Cape Cod, Poland, Spain, Jane Addams, Rumania
5. Correspondence, Memoirs of Henry J. Allen c. 1929, folder 22 (copy 1), folder 23 (copy 2).
6. Correspondence, Memoirs notes c. 1929, folder 24.
7. Correspondence, Biographies and funeral service for Henry J. Allen 1950, folder 25.
8. Correspondence, Memories of the Spanish-American War, HJA. 1889, folder 26.
9. Correspondence, Elise Jane Allen, Trip to Poland, 1936, folders 28 to 32.
10. Correspondence, Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, JCH & HAH 1953, folder 34.
11. Correspondence, Henrietta Allen Holmes 1935-1971, folders 33, 35 to 39.
a. Persons: Edward Stettinius, Eleanor Roosevelt, Edith Helen, Charles T. Wilson, Henry J. Allen, John Taylor Arms, Elsie Jane Allen
b. Subjects: World War, 1939-1945, Elsie Allen Holmes, artwork , Insurance, Wichita Art Association, Baker University, etchings
c. Personal papers: passport, love letter, condolence notes, insurance, stock market investments
12. Correspondence, Baker University endowment, Henrietta Allen Holmes, 1950-1970, folder 41.
13. Correspondence, Library of congress, Henry J. Allen papers, folder 40.
14. Correspondence, Elsie Jane Holmes [Peck] artwork n.d., folder 47.
15. Correspondence, Julius C. Holmes, General and Professional. 1925-1919, folders 48 to 64.
a. Persons: Dwight D Eisenhower, Sir Alan “Tommy” Lascelles, Gen. Mark W Clark, Edward Stettinius, Cordell Hull, Maj Gen John H Hilldring, John Foster Dulles, Alger Hiss, Lyndon B Johnson, Richard P Holmes
b. Subjects: Iran, Queen Elizabeth II, WW II-operation at Cherchel, Macau, Africa, National Tanker Corporation, Red Scare 1950s, North Africa Relief, 1950-1959, American Oil Tanker Corporation, WWII, France-Legion of Honor
16. Correspondence, Frank Lloyd Wright 1916-1919, folder 65, UID 305996.
a. Henry J Allen, Elsie Jane Allen
b. Subjects: Wichita residence
17. Correspondence, Henry J Allen, WWI 1917-1918, folders 66-67, UID 305996.
a. Subjects: WWI, France, Atlantic crossing
18. Correspondence, Pou Commission 1918-1919, folders 68-77, UID 307586.
a. HJA files on testimony to Pou Commission, 1919
b. Subjects: Agronne Forest, WWI, US 35th Division
19. Correspondence, WWI, folders 79-81
20. Correspondence, Allen for Governor, 1918 , folders 82-86.
a. Henry J Allen file on events surrounding his campaign for governor while he was serving in France with the Red Cross and YMCA during WWI.
b. Subjects: WWI, campaign for governor-1918
c. Persons: Clyde M. Reed, William Allen White

Series Statement: SERIES 2: PHOTOGRAPHS and ALBUMS, c. 1850-1971.
In the Photographs and Albums series there is one subseries set up by Mrs. Holmes: “Early Days”. This subseries has photos of Mrs. Holmes grand-parents, parents and siblings. Subseries were created for the Julius Holmes Foreign Service, Julius C. and Henrietta A. Holmes family, Julius C. Holmes military service. There are albums for the University Afloat trip of 1926-1927, Near East Relief Committee work in 1923, the Governor’s Conference in 1919, and New York World’s Fair, 1939-1940.
Subjects of interest include:
• World War I trench warfare.
• Save the Children relief work, 1941.
• Near East Relief Committee work, 1923.
• University Afloat, University Travel Association, 1926-1927.
• Trip to Venezuela in 1939.
• Coal Miner’s Strike in Kansas of 1919.
• World War II, Operation Flag Pole, 1942.
• New York’s World Fair, 1939-1940.
• Governor’s Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah, 1919.

SERIES 2A, Henry J and Elsie N Allen, folders 87-129
1. Family Pictures—“Early Days” 1868-1950, folders 87-88.
a. “Father”, Henry J Allen
b. Persons: Clyde Reed, William Allen White, Elsie Jane Allen. Herbert Hoover, Warren G Harding
c. Subjects: Kansas capitol, World War I, Phillippine insurrection, Kansas-governor, beacon building-witchita, Venezuela, Save the Children-london-1941, laird swallow bi-plane, Near East Relief Committee-1923, Turkey, university afloat-ss ryndam-university travel association-1926, Venezuela-1939
2. Family Pictures—“Early Days” 1869-1951, folders 89-90.
a. “Mother”, Elsie Jane (Nuzman) Allen
b. Persons: Henry Allen Holmes (grandson), Henry J. Allen, Henrietta Allen Holmes, Fred Allen (son), Catherine Allen (daughter)
c. Subjects: Lewis W. Wehe (photographer, Baldwin), W H Martin (photographer, Ottawa), Atherton (photographer, Salina), Baker University-students, cabinet cards, carte-de-visite, Oakes and Ireland (photographer, Holton) , Gilkey and Martin (photographer, Ottawa), Corwin (photographer-Ottawa), Baker University-class of 1891, Harris and Ewing (photographer, Washington, DC), F A Loomis (photographer, Salina?),.
3. Family Pictures—“Early Days”, folder 91
a. Fred and Catherine.
4. Family Pictures—“Early Days” 1900-1972, folder 92.
a. Henrietta Allen Holmes
b. Persons: Justin Holmes (brother, son of Henry J and Elsie Allen), Elsie Jane Allen, Henry J Allen,
c. Subjects: Martin (photographer, Ottawa) , Psi U-Lyndon
5. Family Pictures—“Early Days” 1902-1910, folder 93.
a. Justin Allen
b. Subjects: Martin (photographer, Ottawa)
6. Family Pictures—“Early Days” 1850s, folder 94.
a. “Grandparents” Allen
b. Subjects: EV King (photographer)
7. Family Pictures—“Early Days” 1850s, folder 95.
a. “Grandparents” Nuzman
b. Subjects: William M Oaks (photographer, Holton), cabinet card
8. Family Pictures—“Early Days” 1850s, folder 96.
a. “Grandparents” Anderson family
9. Family Pictures—“Early Days” c 1850-1900, folder 97.
a. Residences
b. Subjects: Ottawa, Holton
10. Family Pictures—“Early Days” 1895-1910, folders 98-99.
a. Snapshots and miscellaneous
b. Subjects: Allen children, cyanotypes, JH Wright (photographer, Ottawa) cabinet card
11. Photographs—Friends and associates 1896-1950, folders 100-102.
b. Subjects: WAW, WLW, Mary White, Wm Howard Taft, Warren G Harding, Mrs Harding, Dr. Caleb F Gates, Florence Malcolm Darnault, Sen. Joseph Bristow, Mrs. Bristow, Pres McKinley and Mrs McKinley
12. Photographs—Elsie Jane Nuzman Allen, folders 103-106.
13. Photographs—Teddy Roosevelt plaque, folder 107.
a. HJA
14. Photographs—World War I, France, folder 108.
15. Photographs—Near East Relief Committee tour, 1923, folders 109-110.
a. HJA
16. Photographs—University Afloat, 1926-1927, folders 111-112.
17. Photographs—Mussolini, Italy, 1926, folders 113.
a. HJA
18. Photographs—Venezuela trip, 1939, folders 114-123.
19. Photographs—Save the Children Fund, folder 124.
20. Photographs—Friends and associates 1896-1950, folders 125-126, 128.
b. Subjects: WAW, WLW, Mary White, Wm Howard Taft, Warren G Harding, Mrs Harding, Dr. Caleb F Gates, Florence Malcolm Darnault, Sen. Joseph Bristow, Mrs. Bristow, Pres McKinley and Mrs McKinley
21. Photographs—HJA Governor 1919, folder 127.
a. Coal strike, 1919
b. Subjects: HJA, Coal Strike 1919
22. Photographs—HJA, Alexander phimister proctor, sculptor, folder 129.
Series 2B, Julius and Henrietta Holmes, folders 130-201.
1. Photographs—Julius C Holmes 1925-1965, folders 130-132.
a. Portraits of JCH
b. Subjects: Brig Gen JC Holmes, Ambassador JC Holmes, Underwood and Underwood (photographer, Washington, DC)
2. Photographs—Julius C Holmes 1942-1945, folder 133.
a. Military service, WWII, Operation Flag Poll, Operation Torch
b. Subjects: WWII; Operation Flag Poll and Operation Torch, Dwight D Eisenhower, JCH, Mark Clark, Omar Bradley, 25th anniversary of torch and flag poll and period photos from 1940s
3. Photographs—Julius C Holmes 1917-1945, folder 134.
a. Military service, WWI 1917-18, WWII 1941-45
b. Subjects: DDE, WWII, WWI
4. Photographs—Julius C Holmes, Foreign Service, folders 135-154.
a. Foreign Service, Iran, 1961 to 1965; Morocco, England, 1925 to 1955
b. Subjects: Foreign Service, Iran, JCH, Henrietta Allen Holmes, Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi, Jackie Kennedy, Lady Bird Johnson, , Chester Bowles.
5. Photographs—Julius C Holmes, NY World’s Fair 1939, folders 155-156.
a. JCH was VP for protocol for fair from 1937 to 1940.
b. Subjects: World’s Exposition, NY, JCH, King George VI of UK
6. Photographs—Julius C Holmes, “Air Brazil”, folder 157.
7. Photographs—Julius C Holmes, friends, folder 158.
8. Photographs—Holmes Family and Vacations (2 folders), folders 159-160.
a. Henrietta Allen, Wyoming/Canada trip, c. 1920
b. Subjects: HAH, Wyoming, Alberta Canada, ?Elsie, ?Henry, Postcard
9. Photographs—Social functions, folder 161
a. Henrietta Allen Holmes, miscellaneous
b. Subjects: HAH, ENA, Gen. Chaing (son of Chaing Chi Chek)
10. Photographs—holmes family, folder 162.
a. Vacations, postcards
b. Subjects: japan, france, new mexico, venzuela, postcards
11. Photographs—holmes family, folder 163.
a. Vacation home, Hyannis port
b. Subjects: vacation homes
12. Photographs—holmes family, folder 164.
a. Vacation, Egypt
b. Subjects: vacation , Luxor, Cairo, HAH. postcard
13. Photographs—holmes family, folder 165.
a. Vacation, Europe, Normandy, England
b. Subjects: vacation, Henry Allen Holmes, HAH, JCH, Elsie Jane Holmes
14. Photographs—holmes family, folder 166.
a. Vacation home, Hyannis port
b. Subjects: vacation homes, HAH, Henrietta, JCH, Elsie Jane Holmes, Richard Payne Holmes, Georgia, Charleston , Capistrono CA, Pointe Verda FL
15. Photographs—holmes family, folder 167.
a. Vacation, Japan
b. Subjects: vacation, Japan, EJA, HAH
16. Photographs—holmes family, folder 168.
a. Vacation and work
b. Subjects: JCH, HAH
17. Photographs—holmes family, folder 169.
a. Homes
b. Subjects: foreign service homes, JCH, HAH
18. Photographs—holmes family, folder 170.
a. Home—Tangier, Morocco
19. Photographs—holmes family, folder 171.
a. snapshots
b. Subjects: EJA, HAH, JCH, Henry Allen Holmes
20. Photographs—holmes family, folder 172.
a. HJA Home, Wichita kansas
b. Subjects: HJA home Wichita, Henry allen holmes, elsie jane holmes, ENA, HJA, HAH
21. Photographs—holmes family, folder 173.
a. Vacation trips
b. Subjects: HJA, ENA, HAH, Athens, Alahamabra, Hawaii, Casablanca, Campito, Granada, Nice France
22. Photographs—holmes family, folder 174.
a. HAH miscellaneous
b. Subjects: HAH
23. Photographs—holmes family, folder 175.
a. JCH and HAH family photos
b. Subjects: HAH, JAH, Henry Allen Holmes, Richard Payne Holmes, Elsie Jane Holmes
24. Photographs—holmes family, A-01 to A-99, folder 176.
a. JCH family
b. Subjects: Henry Allen Holmes, Elsie Jane Holmes, Richard P Holmes, HAH, HJA, ENA, JCH, HJA home Wichita
25. Photographs—holmes family, B-01 to Z-99, folder 177.
a. JCH family, snapshots
b. Subjects: Henry Allen Holmes, Elsie Jane Holmes, Richard P Holmes, HAH, HJA, ENA, JCH
26. Photographs—holmes family, 01 to 20, folder 178.
a. JCH family, snapshots
b. Subjects: Henry Allen Holmes, Elsie Jane Holmes, Richard P Holmes, HAH, HJA, ENA, JCH
27. Photographs—holmes family, 21 to199, folder 179.
a. JCH family, snapshots
b. Subjects: Henry Allen Holmes, Elsie Jane Holmes, Richard P Holmes, HAH, HJA, ENA, JCH, Wichita HJA Home.
28. Photographs—holmes family, 200 to 399, folder 180.
a. JCH family snapshots
b. Subjects: Henry Allen Holmes, Elsie Jane Holmes, Richard P Holmes, HAH, ENA, JCH
29. Photographs—holmes family, 400 to 499, folder 181.
a. JCH family snapshots
b. Subjects: Henry Allen Holmes, Elsie Jane Holmes, Richard P Holmes, HAH, JCH, Hyannis Port, World War II-France?, Wichita HJA home
30. Photographs—holmes family, 500 to 699, folder 182.
a. JCH family snapshots
b. Subjects: Henry Allen Holmes, Elsie Jane Holmes, Richard P Holmes, HAH, ENA, JCH, HJA, Hyannis Port
31. Photographs—holmes family, 700 to 999, folder 183.
a. JCH family snapshots
b. Subjects: Henry Allen Holmes, Elsie Jane Holmes, Richard P Holmes, HAH, ENA, JCH, HJA, Hyannis Port, Woodlawn Ave home DC?
32. Photographs—holmes family, folder 184-185.
a. JCH family, 1930 to 1970, snapshots
b. Subjects: Henry Allen Holmes, Elsie Jane Holmes, Richard P Holmes, HAH, JCH, color photographs
33. Photographs—holmes family, folder 186.
a. JCH family, Henry Allen Holmes, , snapshots
b. Subjects: Henry Allen Holmes
34. Photographs—Holmes family, folder 187-188.
a. Henry Allen Holmes, wife, children, friends
35. Photographs—Holmes family, folder 189-190.
a. Elsie Jane Holmes Peck
36. Photographs—Holmes family, folder 191-192.
a. Richard “Dick” Payne Holmes, wife friends
37. Photographs—holmes family, folder 193.
a. Fox Hunt
b. Subjects: HAH
38. Photographs—holmes family, folder 194-196.
a. JCH family, snapshots
b. Subjects: color photographs, HAH, JCH, Henry Allen Holmes
39. Photographs—holmes family, folder 197.
a. JCH grandchildren, snapshots
b. Believe these are snapshots of JCH HAH grandchildren, not confirmed
40. Photographs—holmes family, folder 198.
a. JCH family, brother Charles or Willis.
Series 2C, Albums, volumes 1-23.
a. Honeymoon album, hah and jch, april 1932
i. Africa: Morocco, Algiers, Cassablanca, Marrakech
ii. Marseilles france
iii. Austria
iv. Romania bucharest
b. Mediterranean cruise, Febr to April 1926
i. University Afloat
c. University Afloat, 1926 volume 2 1926-1927
d. Normandy and Brittany vacation, c. 1936
i. Normandy: Saint Lo, Houlgate, Caen, Mont. St. Micherl
ii. Brittany: St. Malo, Ste, Anne-la-Palud, Quimper
e. Turkey-Armenia—Near East Relief Committee, HJA, 1923
f. Governor’s conference, Salt Lake City, Utah. HJA, EJA, August 18-24, 1919
g. American Consulate General staff, Hong Kong to Hon. Julius C. and Henrietta Holmes, 1960-1961 (this volume was taken apart as all of the images had come loose, identification is on the back of each photograph.)
h. Save the Children Federation, HJA, WWII (album and scrapbook)
i. In Memoriam to honorable Julies C. Holmes, 1899-1968. Album of burial of JCH in Arlington National Cemetery (oversized)
j. Montreux, Switzerland, JCH
k. Iran, JCH
l. NY World’s Fair program and clippings.
m. Iran (oversized)
n. Iran
o. San Diego, 1915
i. Last part of the album contains photos of House on Roosevelt in c. 1917-1918.
p. Iran, c. 1961
q. In Memoriam Julius C. Holmes, 1899-1968
r. Holmes Family album
s. Unidentified album, Spencer school?
t. Hawaii, 1922
u. Green album

Series Statement: SERIES 4: SCRAPBOOKS AND CLIPPINGS, 1919-1965
Scrapbooking is a method for preserving personal and family history in the form of a scrapbook. Typical memorabilia include photographs, printed materials, correspondence, clippings, and artwork. The scrapbooks in the Allen-Holmes collection are centered on subjects and events.
Subjects and events of interest include:
• Republican campaigns in 1924, 1926, 1928, 1930, 1932.
• Freedom of speech.
• Kansas Court of Industrial Relations.
• Ku Klux Klan in Kansas.
• Senatorial campaigns in Kansas of 1930 and 1932.
• Prohibition.
• Near East Children’s Relief Association, 1923.
• World Naval Treaty Conference of 1927.
• William B. Shearer Senate investigation, 1929.

Scrapbooks, volumes 1-18
1. William Allen White case, 1922; national campaing, 1924.; world court after league of nations, warren g harding, damon and pythias, hja, freedom of speech, Kansas Court of Industrial Relations.
2. William b shearer investigation, senate hearings, 1929, world naval treaty meeting 1927, hja, William borah,
3. KKK in Kansas, 1919-1923, third term for hja, 1922. Demise of the Kansa court of industrial relations.
4. Republican Presidential campaign, Kansas senatorial campaign, 1932. Charles Curtis, hja, waw, clyde reed, davis,
5. 1930 senatorial campaign, Arthur capper, Charles Curtis, hja, George McGill
6. Speaking engagements, 1921-22, mission to the near east, march-june 1923; near east children relief, court of industrial relations, prohibition, KKK in ks, presidential campaign of 1924
7. Save the Children Fund drive, London, England; hjs, save the children fund, wwII, London, children, (captioned photos of hja’s trip to England to investigate the conditions of children in war torn England. Photos need to be scanned and scrapbook returned to box. )
8. Miscellaneous, 1930-1939; “dole” system in world, FRC 1932, henrietta marriage, jch,
Republican national conventions 1932 & 1936, Russia 1933, England 1936, Topeka state journal 1936, new deal, trip to Italy, ks court of industrial relations, eja & Poland, frank Lloyd wright lecture in Wichita 6/1936, hja’s 70th b/day 1936, Europe on the brink of war because of hitler 1939
9. 1930 senatorial primary campaign.
10. Jch Iran, 1961-62; clippings and photos of jch service as ambassador to iran.
11. Jch Iran, 1963-65; clippings and photos of jch service as ambassador to iran.
12. Hja 1926 to 1930; university a float 1926, Wichita city politics 1927, American imperialism 1928, allen sells Wichita beacon 1928, presidential and gubernatorial elections of 1928, prohibition, republican national convention 1928, allen appointed to senate, Herbert hoover, Charles Curtis, supreme court confirmation of john parker, republican senatorial primary of 1930
13. Scrapbook of jch activities in morocco as minister for US, 1955
14. Henrietta Allen Holmes
15. Henrietta Allen Holmes
16. Henrietta Allen Holmes
17. Henrietta Allen Holmes
18. unfinished album

Series Statement: SERIES 3: PRINTED MATERIALS, 1920-1968, folders 202-207.

a. Near East Relief Committee meeting, June 8, 1923, New York, New York.
b. “What Happened and Why in North Africa,” The Magazine of Sigma Chi, February/March 1944. Ross, Charles G., pg. 85-89.
c. “Stetinius Septette,” Coronet, June 1945. Salisbury, Harrison, pg. 104-109.
d. “The United States and Africa: an Official Viewpoint,” The Department of State Bulletin, vol. 38 no. 857. Holmes, Julius C., pg. 857-862.
e. “U.S. Supports Moderate Leader, Dulles Aid States.” Africa Special Report, vol. 3 no. 5. Holmes, Julius C., pg 6,9.
f. “Photographic Register,” The American Foreign Service Journal, vol. 13, no. 11. November 1936.
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q. Miss Spence’s School, Class of 1921.
r. “The Spell of Romania,” The National Geographic Magazine, vol. 65 no. 4. Henrietta Allen Holmes, pg. 399-450

Scope and Content

Scope and content: This collection is comprised of materials of personal importance to four persons: Henry J. Allen, his wife Elsie Jane Allen, their daughter Henrietta Allen Holmes and the latter’s husband Julius C. Holmes. The inclusive dates, for the 14 cubic foot collection, are 1850 to 1971. The bulk of the collection is dated from 1890 to 1965. It appears that some of these materials were placed into “folders” by Mrs. Allen and Mrs. Holmes. This leaves the impression that the materials were kept at home residences versus work offices. Upon the death of Mrs. Allen in 1951, around half of the collection was transferred to Mrs. Holmes. The second half of the collection represents the remainder of Mrs. Holmes life, dates from 1951 to 1971. As a collection, the materials ended up with Elsie Jane Holmes Peck, the daughter of Henrietta Holmes and grand-daughter of Elsie Jane Holmes. In October of 2013 the collection was donated to the Kansas Historical Society by William H. and Elsie J. Holmes Peck.
This collection was divided into four series: Correspondence and Related Materials, Photographs and Albums, Printed Materials, and Scrapbooks and Clippings. Portions of the collection were organized by each of the four persons of major importance to the collection. In these cases the original order was maintained, while the remaining material was arranged by subject and then placed in loose chronological order. The strengths of this collection are the subseries which provide valuable research materials for some of the significant periods in the lives of the major collection characters: Henry J. Allen, Elsie Jane Allen, Julius Cecil Holmes, and Henrietta Allen Holmes. These subseries are highlighted in the series description.

Scope and content: Box folder listing:
Box 1, folders 1 to 22
Box 2, folders 23 to 47
Box 3, folders 48 to 86
Box 4, folders 87 to 123
Box 5, folders 124 to 158
Box 6, folders 159 to 201
Box 7, volumes 1 to 14 Albums
Oversized, volume 24
Box 8, volumes 15 to 23 Albums
folders 202 to 207
Box 9, volumes 1 to 9, Scrapbooks
Box 10, volumes 9b to 12, Scrapbooks
Box 11, volumes 13 to 18, Scrapbooks
Box 12, volumes 19 to 23, Scrapbooks
Box 13, Miscellaneous and clippings

Portions of Collection Separately Described:

Portions of Collection Not Separately Described:

  1. Pou Commission, unit 307586.
  2. Henry J. Allen letters home, 1918. Unit 305997
  3. Henry J. Allen field notebooks, 1918. Unit 315153
  4. Elsie J. Allen Correspondence, Art Collection. UID 444264


Locator Contents
019-13-04-01  Volume 24, Henry J. Allen scrapbook, 1919 to 1940. 
110-05-03-08 to 110-05-03-20   

Index Terms


    American Red Cross
    Baker University
    Kansas Court of Industrial Relations
    Kansas. Court of Industrial Relations
    Kansas. Governor (1919-1923 : Allen)
    New York World's Fair (1939-1940)
    United States. Congress. House. Pou Commission
    United States. President (1953-1961 : Eisenhower)
    Wichita Art Association
    YMCA (World War, 1914-1918)
    France, Northern
    Allen, Elsie Jane (Nuzman), 1869-1951
    Allen, Henry Justin, 1868-1950
    Arms, John Taylor, 1887-1953
    Clark, Mark C., 1886-1984
    Curry, John Steuart, 1897-1946
    Dulles, John Foster, 1888-1959
    Eisenhower, Dwight D. (Dwight David), 1890-1969
    Gage, Robert Merrell, 1892-1981
    Gompers, Samuel, 1850-1924
    Holmes, Henrietta (Allen), 1900-1972
    Holmes, Julius Cecil, 1899-1968
    Johnson, Lady Bird, 1912-2007
    Johnson, Lyndon B. (Lyndon Baines), 1908-1973
    Kennedy, John F. (John Fitzgerald), 1917-1963.
    Murdock, Victor, 1871-1945
    Proctor, Alexander Phimister, 1860-1959
    Sandzen, Birger, 1871-1954
    Spender, John A., 1962-1947
    Taylor, Henry J., 1903-1984
    White, William Allen, 1868-1944
    White, William Lindsay, 1900-1973
    Wright, Frank Lloyd, 1867-1959
    Argonne, Battle of the, 1918
    Hitler, Adolf, 1889-1945
    Mussolini, Benito, 1883-1945
    New York World's Fair (1939-1940)
    Progressive Party (1912)
    Spanish-American War, 1898
    United States. Army. 35th Infantry Division
    University Afloat, 1926-1927
    World War, 1914-1918
    World War, 1939-1945

Additional Information for Researchers

Restrictions: No restrictions have been placed on these records by the donors.