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[MC 617, Sec. 3] Civil War (1861-65)

Date: [created] 1856-1947

Level of Description: Sub-collection/group

Material Type: Manuscripts

Call Number: Ms. Coll. 617: Boxes 1-4
Ms. Coll. 617: OV.04 thru OV.12 (Oversize items)

Unit ID: 309415

Abstract: This is the 2nd largest part of the Military history ms. collection, no. 617, and contains many types of records on the Civil War. These include receipts, lists, orders, special orders, letters, narrative stories, order forms, requests, passes, payment and muster rolls, and other items such as books and articles of clothing. Many of these items are in good condition while others are almost unreadable. Most of these items were kept by the respective soldiers while on the battlefield, and many of the letters talk about their struggles with food, clothing, & death. There are written descriptions about the Battle of Shiloh, William Clarke Quantrill’s raid on Lawrence, Kan., and a series of papers that are related to Augustus W. Burton. The largest series in this subgroup is Series K, Papers Related to Individual Units. This series contains rosters, rolls, return slips, munitions, enlistments, personal letters, and monthly & bi-monthly reports from 8 infantry regiments, 5 cavalry regiments, and the U.S. War Dept. This also includes material on the 1st Colored Regiment in Kansas. A small part of the subgroup contains material on other military regiments and groups that did not originate in the State of Kansas: regiments from the Army of the Potomac, Massachusetts, Virginia, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Illinois, Iowa, African American regiments from Missouri, and Confederate Indian regiments from the Indian Territory (present Oklahoma).


Series A: FORT LEAVENWORTH (KAN.). PAYMASTER'S DEPT. RECORDS, 1863-1864. 0.2 ft. (10 folders (9 oversize))

This series consists of documents relating to the pay of officers and enlisted men who were stationed at Fort Leavenworth, Kan. Roll receipts, statements of money, reports of commissioned officers, and statements of accounts constitute many folders of the series.

Several documents are correspondence and orders written by Major F. E. Hunt, the paymaster of the U.S. Army in charge of the District of Leavenworth, as well as Major S. W. Eldridge, the paymaster at Fort Leavenworth, between subordinates and offices in Washington, D.C.

The series includes muster roles by Major Hunt consisting of officers of the regular and volunteer army who have been reported absent for a variety of reasons, some of which are excused and some unexcused. There are also several lists from the Adjutant General’s Office in Washington, D.C., concerning the pay of recently appointed officers to the “invalid corps.”

Much of the correspondence between Washington, D.C., and the two majors in Kansas is from Colonel L. P. Andrews, the paymaster general of the U.S. Army, and discusses routine matters such as new regulations that are to be instituted in the district & specific instructions for how the pay of newly appointed officers is to be handled. This is often followed by letters from the two majors asking for clarification. There are also a substantial number of memos from the Paymaster General’s Office acknowledging that their account ledgers have been received and are being turned over for review.

Of particular note is a letter from the paymaster general with instructions concerning the pay of African American males who have been mustered into military service as well as a letter written by Major Hunt to Secretary of War Edwin Stanton about recommendations for pay procedures for assistant surgeons and the provost marshal in his department.

The series concludes with several receipts and letters calculating the amount of pay for servicemen who have recently been discharged. In addition, documents relating to those who were killed in the line of duty whose pay can be redeemed by family members from the Auditor’s Office of the Department of the Treasury.

  • File 1 (Box 1, folder 1): [General]

  • File 2 (folder OV.11.04.1): Muster Roll[s] of the Hospital Dept., 1863 Apr.-Jul. 2 items

  • File 3 (folder OV.11.04.2): Abstract[s] of Payments Made by Major S. W. Eldridge … for the Month[s] of …, 1863 June-1864 Mar. 6 items

  • File 4 (folder OV.11.04.3): Account[s] Current, 1863 July-1864 Mar. 7 items

  • File 5 (folder OV.11.04.4): Return[s] by Paymasters and Disbursing Officers of the United States, 1863 July-1864 Mar. 6 items

  • File 6: Voucher[s], 1863 July-1864 Mar. 21 items

    • Folder a (OV.11.04.5): B-H, 1863 July-1864 Mar. 9 items

    • Folder b (OV.11.04.6): P-W, 1863 July-1864 Mar. 12 items

  • File 7 (folder OV.11.04.7): Roll Receipt, 1863 Sept. 4. 1 item

  • File 8 (folder OV.11.04.8): Statement[s] of Moneys, 1863 July-1864 Feb. 10 items

  • File 9 (folder OV.11.05): United States. Army. District of South Kansas. Monthly Report of Commissioned Officers, 1864 December. 1 item

Series B: MISCELLANEOUS [sic], 1893-1909. 1 folder (Box 1, folder 2)

This series consists of some miscellaneous documents related to the Civil War. Among them is a letter recounting a meeting of the “Officers and Soldiers Regiments.” There is also a discharge certificate and accompanying envelope for Harmon Sayton of the 133rd Regiment of Illinois Volunteers.

There is also a letter from the War Dept. in regard to an inquiry about the “Red Leg” scouts made by George W. Martin, the former secretary of the Kansas State Historical Society in Topeka, Kan. Attached to it is a list of said scouts who were employed by William Sloan Tough, a U.S. marshal for Kansas.

There is a also brief account of Kansas regiments’ service in the Civil War, Indian Wars, and Spanish-American War. There is one final letter in the series by Former Kansas Governor S. J. Crawford regarding the care and storage of records that he made of Kansas soldiers in the war.

Series C: MISCELLANEOUS [sic] MSS. (OUT OF STATE) GIVEN BY REZIN R. WRIGHT OF NEW YORK, 1861-1863. 1 folder (Box 1, folder 3)

The documents in this series are made up of orders and inquiries in regard to transfer of Confederate prisoners among the Army of the Potomac in the vicinity of Washington, D.C. The series includes official passes used by soldiers to allow them travel between the lines and surrounding cities. There is also one letter detailing the arrest of Union stragglers by their own sentries.

The series is unarranged.

Series D: MSS. RELATING TO THE CIVIL WAR: OUT OF STATE, 1861-1870. 32 folders (17 oversize)

The out of state series consists of many scattered documents relating to the States of Colorado, Indiana and Massachusetts and their regiments during the war. For Colorado, contained is information of the 2nd Colorado Infantry in the form of muster rolls, pay and receipt vouchers, and maps. A letter from Captain Edward A. Jacobs, 1st Colorado Cavalry, who was temporarily in command to Ft. Larned, Kansas to his brother John Jacobs, Clinton, Kansas dated November 13, 1864 (unit 310229).

The majority of the documents deal with regiments from Indiana and Massachusetts. Of the Indiana documents, many are from the Indiana Adjutant General’s Office authorizing the formation of new cavalry and infantry regiments. A substantial number also come from the quartermaster’s and ordinance office in regard to supplies and clothing that members of the Indiana regiments were issued during the war and about the need to return the supplies or reimburse the government. There is a particular amount of this correspondence from Sylvanus Milner, a member of an artillery regiment, on this subject. A collection of papers and maps from George Cramer is also included.

The documents relating to Massachusetts focus on Company D of the 37th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment. These include receipts and abstracts for supplies the company received and used during the war. Much of the series consists of information on the supply & return of ordinance after the war and personal statements from the soldiers that they indeed turned them in, and the Army’s attempt to make them pay for supplies. There are also many personal statements of losses by members of the company in which the soldiers themselves attempt to get reimbursed from the government.

The final items in the series consist of pay and vouchers from various U.S. Army regiments.

  • File 1 (Box 1, folder 4): [General]

  • File 2 (folder OV.11.06): United States. Army. Colorado Infantry Regiment, 2nd (1862-1863). [Records], 1863 June-Aug. 6 items

    • Folder a (OV.11.06.1): Company F. Muster roll ... 1863 June 30. 1 item

    • Folder b (OV.11.06.2): Muster roll of the field and staff ... 1863 June 30. 1863 July 1. 4 items

    • Folder c (OV.11.06.3): Vouchers, 1863 July-Aug. 1 item

  • File 3: Indiana, 1861-1870. 39 items

    • Folder a (OV.11.07.1): Cramer, George. [Collection], 1861-1865. 9 items

    • Folder b (Box 1, folder 5; OV.11.07.2): Milner, Sylvanus. Papers, 1861-1870. 30 items

  • File 4: United States. Army. Massachusetts Infantry Regiment, 37th (1862-1865). Company D. [Records], 1863-1865

    • Folder a (Box 1, folder 6): Receipt[s] for Issues, 1863 Nov.-1864 Sept.

    • Folder b (OV.11.08.1): Inventory and Inspection Report of Ordnance and Ordnance Stores, 1864 Mar.-Apr. 2 items

    • Folder c (Box 1, folder 7): Abstract[s] of Materials, 1864-1865. 5 items

    • Folder d (Box 1, folder 8): Invoices, 1864-1865. 9 items

    • Folder e (OV.11.08.2): Quarterly Return[s] of Ordnance and Ordnance Stores, 1864-1865. 6 items

    • Folder f (Box 1, folder 9): Statement[s] of Ordnance and Ordnance Stores, 1864-1865. 5 items

    • Folder g (Box 1, folder 10): Report[s] on Return of Ordnance, 1864 June-1865 Apr. 6 items

    • Folder h (Box 1, folder 11): Statement[s] of Losses, 1864-1865. 5 items

    • Folder i (Box 1, folder 12): Receipt[s] for Issues, 1864 Sept.-1865 Mar. 4 items

    • Folder j (Box 1, folder 13): Certified Statements, 1864 Dec. 31-1865 Jan. 10. 2 items

    • Folder k (Box 1, folder 14): Statement of Property Taken Up, 1865 Mar. 25. 1 item

    • Folder l (Box 1, folder 15): Receipt for Issue, 1865 May 17. 1 item

    • Folder m (Box 1, folder 16): List[s] of Stores Turned in at Field Hospital, 1865 June 12. 3 items

    • Folder n (OV.11.08.3): Statement of Ordnance and Ordnance Stores, 1865 June 19. 1 item

    • Folder o (Box 1, folder 17): Non-record items (Circulars), 1864 Mar.-June

  • File 5: Nebraska, 1863 June-Sept. 10 items

    • Folder a (OV.11.09.1): Muster Rolls, 1863 June-Sept. 6 items

    • Folder b (OV.11.09.2): United States. Army. Nebraska Cavalry Regiment, 2nd. [Roll Receipt], 1863 Sept. 9. 1 item

    • Folder c (OV.11.09.3): United States. Army. Nebraska Cavalry Regiment, 2nd. Company C. Voucher[s], 1863 July-Sept. 3 items

  • File 6 (OV.11.10): Wisconsin, 1863 June-Dec. 8 items

  • File 7: United States. Army. Vouchers, 1863 Apr.-Dec. 13 items

    • Folder a (OV.11.11.1): Illinois Infantry Regiment, 45th (1861-1865), 1863 Sept. 14. 1 item

    • Folder b (OV.11.11.2): Iowa Cavalry Regiment, 7th (1863-1866) , 1863 Sept. 13-11. 4 items

    • Folder c (OV.11.11.3): Fort Leavenworth (Kan.) to John Gould, 1863 Dec. 14. 1 item

    • Folder d (OV.11.11.4): Cavalry Regiment, 4th, 1863 Sept. 8. 1 item

    • Folder e (Box 1, folder 18): Cavalry Regiment, 4th. Company H. 2 items

    • Folder f (Box 1, folder 19): Infantry Regiment, 10th. Company K. 4 items

Series E: UNITED STATES. ARMY. WISCONSIN INFANTRY REGIMENT, 10TH (1861-1864). [REQUESTS FOR FOOD], 1863 Oct. 23. 1 folder (Box 1, folder 20)

This series contains 2 brief handwritten notes dating from 23 October 1863 for requests for food from 2 unnamed enlisted men to their officers, Lieutenant Amos L. Gates and Major Duncan McKercher.


Contained in this series are 2 pages of material listing the Civil War diaries and letters held by the Kansas State Historical Society up to the year 1947. One page of newspapers published by Kansas soldiers completes the series. The lists were written in response to a request from Bell S. Wiley of Louisiana State University (Baton Rouge) on 1947 Oct. 29.

Series G: NARRATIVES, 1861-1906. 1 folder (Box 1, folder 22)

The letters in this series consists of a variety of personal narratives from soldiers on the battlefield, most of which took place in Kansas. The letters involve actions against both guerrilla forces and traditional Confederate ones. There are also a number of narratives that focus on the personal feelings and political situation between Kansas and Missouri due to events leading to the outbreak of the Civil War as well as a few accounts of the Battle of Shiloh in Tennessee in 1862.

Narratives of encounters with William Clarke Quantrill’s raiders make up the bulk of the series, while the majority of them focus on his raid on Lawrence, Kan. Many of them also describe their encounters with Quantrill in southeast Kansas in the areas of Fort Scott and Baxter Springs. Most prominent among them is the account of Major General James G. Blunt and his column’s encounter with the raiders while on their way to Fort Smith, Ark. Within his narrative Blunt describes his surprise at not only meeting Confederate forces but also dismay at the way his own troops responded. Other narratives of the encounter are also included.

Many accounts of Quantrill’s Lawrence raid are presented through both soldier and civilian eyes, written both soon after the fact and as reminiscences years later. While many of the narratives recall the general destruction and rampaging of the raiders, Mrs. J. E. Calvert shares her observations of Quantrill’s raiders on other events. Describing the raider’s attempts to steal horses from her barn and witnessing the execution of a young German visitor named Philip Engellsman, she also relates her father’s accounts of what happened that fateful day and his role in running the ferry across the river for Union soldiers. Also part of the series is a recounting of Quantrill’s raid on the 50th anniversary of the event by S. K. Fairfield of the 11th Kansas Cavalry Regiment. In his narrative, Fairfield defends his superior officers Colonel Preston B. Plumb and General Thomas Ewing, Jr., who received much blame for their role in failing to protect Lawrence. Noteworthy regarding Fairfield’s account is his reaction to Order No. 11 being issued in response to the raid, which led to the depopulation of border areas of Missouri as a way to prevent similar future events.

Of the events involving the conventional Confederate forces, the majority of narratives involve Confederate General Sterling Price, his raids into Kansas, and his battles, particularly at the Battle of the Big Blue River (Battle of Byram’s Ford). Many of them involve members of the 2nd Regiment of the Kansas State Militia, with the soldiers describing the situation on the border of Kansas prior to the raid and their hateful attitude towards Missouri as much as the actual battle. Many of these narratives were written by soldiers decades after the engagement and relate how ridiculous that hatred seems all these years later to people who didn’t live in that era.

Also part of the series is a narrative written by W. A. Lyman of Company G, 7th Kansas Cavalry. Within his narrative Lyman describes his time at Forts Scott, Riley and Leavenworth (Kan.) and the cities of Lawrence and Kansas City in Kansas. Eventually, the 7th Kansas Cavalry left the state and served in Kentucky, Tennessee and northern Mississippi; during this time Lyman was part of a cavalry regiment known as the “Independent Mounted Jayhawkers.” Lyman recalls his day to day activities and thoughts, particularly in his response to witnessing abuse by both sides and the reception he got from many of the locals in the South. Much of the narrative deals with the boredom Lyman felt having to spend much of his time encamped in Corinth, Miss., after having participated in several small skirmishes, scouting missions, and the Battle of Coffeeville, while hearing about General Ulysses S. Grant’s forces participating in the Vicksburg Campaign.

The smallest parts of the series consists of a brief recount of the “Southern Expedition” of Union forces into Arkansas as well as a narrative of the Battle of Shiloh and action at Pittsburg Landing in Tennessee in 1862.

The series is unarranged.

Series H: PASSES, 1861-1865. 1 folder (7 items) (Box 1, folder 23)

A variety of military passes issued by the War Dept. and Provost Marshal General’s Bureau allowing soldiers’ passage between cities and lines. One of the passes bears the signature of Secretary of War Edwin M. Stanton. There is also one pass issued to a Mr. A. J. Johnson assuring anyone who checks of Mr. Johnson’s loyalty to the United States, issued by the 1st Kansas Cavalry Regiment.

Series I: LETTERS, 1861-1911. 1 folder (Box 1, folder 24)

Letters written by soldiers to their family members about Union Army life and in particular life in camp during the War. Many are written from places such as Fort Leavenworth (Kan.) and various areas near the Kansas-Missouri border and concern the operation of the camps; they also mention issues such as cattle rustling and solutions to it. There are some letters from volunteer regiments serving in Illinois. Several are written by David Croft while he is encamped in northern Virginia to his sister describing his daily living routine and the troop’s experiences with Confederate cavalry scouts. A collection of letters from F. J. Pattee also makes up part of the series, written home to his parents while he was a Confederate prisoner of war. Many of the letters are photocopied.

The series is unarranged.

Series J: BURTON, AUGUSTUS J. [PAPERS,] 1862-1892 (bulk 1862-1865). 0.4 ft. (13 folders)

Papers kept by Captain Augustus J. Burton of Mound City, Kan., when he was the commander of Company H of the 12th Kansas Infantry Regiment. Very few personal matters are included in this series; instead, the papers of Captain Burton relate almost exclusively to the supply of clothing, equipment, and ordnance to his company over the duration of the war. Most of these records exist in the form of monthly returns, quarterly returns, invoice deliveries, receipts, and abstracts of expenditures. Many of the documents in the series come from the Property Returns Division of the War Dept. in regards to stopping pay to the Company unless certain ordinance stores were returned.

Also included within the series are several special orders issued by commanders from Fort Larned, Fort Leavenworth, and Fort Riley (Kan.), in regard to transfer orders, new unit assignments, and business involving prisoners of war being kept by the 12th Infantry. The final part of the series consists of two brief personal letters written by Captain Burton and a certificate from the Citizens Bank of Mound City.

Organized into 12th Infantry and personal papers files, thereunder chronologically.

  • File 1: United States. Army. Kansas Infantry Regiment, 12th (1862-1865). [Records,] 1862-1866. 0.4 ft. (12 folders)

    • Folder a (Box 1, folder 25): 1862

    • Folder b (Box 1, folder 26): 1863 Jan.-June

    • Folder c (Box 2, folder 1): 1863 July-Nov.

    • Folder d (Box 2, folder 2): 1863 Nov.-Dec.

    • Folder e (Box 2, folder 3): 1864 Jan. 1-July 14

    • Folder f (Box 2, folder 4): 1864 July 15-Oct. 31

    • Folder g (Box 2, folder 5): 1864 Nov.-Dec.

    • Folder h (Box 2, folder 6): 1865 Jan.-Feb.

    • Folder i (Box 2, folder 7): 1865 Mar. 1-Apr. 14

    • Folder j (Box 2, folder 8): 1865 Apr. 15-June 30

    • Folder k (Box 2, folder 9): 1865 July-Dec.

    • Folder l (Box 2, folder 10): 1866

  • File 2 (Box 2, folder 11): Personal papers, 1868-1892. 3 items

Series K: UNITED STATES. ARMY. RECORDS RELATING TO INDIVIDUAL KANSAS UNITS. 53 folders (37 oversize) + 2 v. (oversize)

The records in this series relate to various individual units of Kansas which functioned during the Civil War. Included are records from the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 8th, 10th, 11th, and 12th Infantry Regiments. Also part of the series are records from the 2nd, 5th, 6th, 7th, 11th, and 15th Kansas Cavalry Regiments.

Many of the records pertaining to the series relate to the day to day life of infantry and cavalry companies. These are found in the forms of muster rolls, payment and return slips, and records regarding ordinance and munitions stores, enlistment records, payment records, and causality lists. Also present are many discharge certificates from individual members of the different regiments. Reminiscent unit histories are included for the majority of the regiments, documenting the day to day life of the regiment and also major actions they may have taken part in such as the Battle of Wilson’s Creek in Missouri in 1861.

A prominent part of the series is a diary and transcript written by William Crietz of the 5th Kansas Cavalry documenting his time with the unit. In his diary Crietz recounts his thoughts and feelings while his unit is fighting in Missouri, engaging in such battles as Dry Wood Creek, Helena, and Morristown and other skirmishes in Missouri and Arkansas involving guerrillas including the capture of William T. (“Bloody Bill”) Anderson. Crietz prominently recounts how he believes cruelty is the only effective way to deal with “bushwhackers,” taking note that the “fire and sword” may seem cruel to people in other theaters of the war who have no experience with guerrilla tactics, even going so far as to refer to Union officers who objected to such methods as traitors.

Although these regiments were raised during the Civil War, not all of the regiments participated in fighting the Confederacy. Many of the cavalry regiments spent their time fighting Indians on the western frontier in places such as Colorado and Wyoming due to uprisings stemming from the Sand Creek Massacre in Colorado in 1864. Included are the same types of records as their fellow units fighting the Confederates. Many of the accounts detail events leading up to the engagement at the Platte Bridge in Wyoming in 1865. Included is a diary kept by Issac Pennock recounting his experiences as well as shock at finding his fellow soldiers lying dead full of arrows prior to the battle.

A small part of the series consists of material from the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Indian Home Guard Regiments and consists of many official military records such as special orders, muster rolls, officers’ rolls, and matters of supply of clothing and munitions in the forms of invoices, abstract and quarterly returns.

The final part of the series contains information dealing with the 1st Colored Kansas Infantry Regiment, the majority of which deals with personal letters written to the adjutant general of Kansas on such matters as widows’ compensation, proof of service, and circumstances of death.

Series is organized by regiment with Indian Home Guard and Colored regiments following the other Kansas regiments.

  • File 1 (Box 2 folder 12): Kansas Infantry Regiment, 1st (1861-1864)

  • File 2 (Box 2 folder 13): Kansas Cavalry Regiment, 2nd (1862-1865)

  • File 3 (Box 2 folder 14): Kansas Infantry Regiment, 2nd (1861)

  • File 4: Kansas Volunteer Regiment, 3rd (1861-1862)

    • Folder a (Box 2, folder 15): [General]

    • Folder b (OV.10.04): Company C. Muster Roll, 1861 Dec. 30. 1 item

  • File 5: Kansas Volunteer Regiment, 4th (1861-1862)

    • Folder a (Box 2, folder 16): [General]

    • Folder b (OV.04): Company D. Order Book, 1861 Sept.-Oct. 1 v. (oversize)

  • File 6: Kansas Cavalry Regiment, 5th (1861-1865)

    • Unit a (Box 2, folder 17): [General]

    • Unit b: Creitz, William, -1893

      • Folder (1) (Box 3, folder 1): History of Company A

      • Folder (2) (Box 3, folder 2): Diary (typescript) and Other Information

      • Folder (3) (Box 3, folder 3): Diary (original)

  • File 7: Kansas Cavalry Regiment, 6th (1861-1865)

    • Folder a (Box 3, folder 4): [General]

    • Folder b (OV.05): Company A. Company Descriptive Book, 1861-1865. 1 v.

  • File 8: Kansas Cavalry Regiment, 7th (1861-1865)

    • Folder a (Box 3, folder 5): [General]

    • Folder b (OV.09): Company G. Muster-Out Roll, 1865 Apr.-Sept. 1 item

    • Folder c (OV.10.06.1): Roll[s] of Non-commissioned Officers and Privates Employed on Extra Duty in Subsistence, 1862 May-June. 6 items

    • Folder d (OV.10.06.2): Receipt Roll[s] for Extra Duty Men, 1862 May-June. 3 items

    • Folder e (OV.10.06.3): Return of Commissary Property, 1862 June 30. 1 item

    • Folder f (OV.10.06.4): Abstract of Disbursements, 1862 May 31-June 30. 1 item

    • Folder g (OV.10.06.5): Account[s], 1862 May-June. 2 items

    • Folder h (OV.10.06.6): Abstract[s] of Provisions Issued, 1862 May-June. 8 items

    • Folder i (OV.10.06.7): Return[s] of Provisions Received, 1862 May-June. 4 items

  • File 9 (Box 3, folder 6): Kansas Infantry Regiment, 8th (1861-1866)

  • File 10: Kansas Cavalry Regiment, 9th (1862-1865)

    • Unit a (Box 3, folder 7): [General]

    • Unit b (Box 3, folder 8): Invoices for Medical Supplies Issued to Dr. A. I. Beach, 1864

    • Unit c: Clark, Charles S., 1837-1903. Papers: 9th Kansas Volunteer Cavalry

      • Folder (1) (Box 3, folder 9): Regimental Orderly Book

      • Folder (2) (Box 3, folder 10): Commission Papers, 1862 Jan. 2

      • Folder (3) (Box 3, folder 11): H. Hannahs, Headquarters, District of the Border, to Lieutenant Colonel Charles S. Clark, 1863 Sept. 3

      • Folder (4) (Box 3, folder 12): Consolidated Morning Reports, 1863 Aug. 31-Sept. 3

      • Folder (5) (Box 3, folder 13): Brigadier General Thomas Ewing to Lieutenant Colonel Charles S. Clark, 1863 Sept. 3

      • Folder (6) (Box 3, folder 14): Lieutenant Colonel Charles S. Clark to Edwin Stanton, Secretary of War

      • Folder (7) (Box 3, folder 15): Discharge

      • Folder (8) (Box 3, folder 16): Manual Entitled Instructions for Officers and Non-commissioned Officers on Outpost and Patrol Duty, 1862 Mar. 25

      • Folder (9) (Box 3, folder 17): Manual of Outpost and Patrol Duty, 1863 Apr. 30

      • Folder (10) (Box 3, folder 18): Special Orders, No. 17, 1863 Jan. 28

      • Folder (11) (Box 3, folder 19): Special Orders, No. 86, 1863 Sept. 21

      • Folder (12) (Box 3, folder 20): Instructions to Commanders of Stations on the Line between Kansas and Missouri, Cold Water Grove, Kan., 1863 Sept. 3

      • Folder (13) (Box 3, folder 21): Captain C. F. Coleman to Lieutenant Colonel Charles S. Clark, 1864 Oct. 12

      • Folder (14) (Box 3, folder 22): Lieutenant Colonel Charles S. Clark to Benjamin Goss and Albert D. Searl, 1863 Aug. 21

    • Unit d: Company I. [Records], 1863-1865. 5 items

      • Folder (1) (OV.10.08.1): Muster Rolls, 1863 May-June. 3 items

      • Folder (2) (OV.10.08.2): [Vouchers,] 1865 Aug.-Dec. 2 items

  • File 11: Kansas Infantry Regiment, 10th (1862-1865), 1863 Oct.-Dec.

    • Folder a (Box 3, folder 23): [General]

    • Folder b (OV.10.09): Muster Rolls; [Voucher], 1863 Oct.-Dec. 4 items

  • File 12: Kansas Cavalry Regiment, 11th (1862-1865)

    • Unit a (Box 3, folder 24): [General]

    • Unit b (Box 3, folder 25): Pennick, Isaac B. [also Isaac B., Jake Pennock]. Diary, 1865 May 8-Sept. 25. 1 v. (114 p.), http://www.kshs.org/archives/440091

    • Unit c: Muster Rolls, Vouchers, 1863 June-1864 Jan. 10 items

      • Folder (1) (OV.10.11.1): Muster Rolls, 1863 June-1864 Jan. 7 items

      • Folder (2) (OV.10.11.2): Vouchers. 3 items

  • File 13: Kansas Infantry Regiment, 12th (1862-1865), 1863-1864

    • Folder a (Box 3 folder 26): [General]

    • Folder b (OV.10.12.1): Muster Roll[s], 1863-1864. 7 items

    • Folder c (OV.10.12.2): Vouchers, 1864 Nov. 24-Dec. 10. 4 items

  • File 14: Kansas Cavalry Regiment, 15th (1861-1865), 1863-1865

    • Folder a (Box 3, folder 27): [General], 1863-1865

    • Folder b (OV.10.13.1): Muster Roll[s], 1863-1865. 7 itens

    • Folder c (OV.10.13.2): Voucher[s]. 2 items

  • File 15 (Box 3, folder 28): Indian Home Guards Regiment, 1st

  • File 16: Indian Home Guards Regiment, 2nd, 1862-1864

    • Folder a (Box 3, folder 29): [General]

    • Folder b (OV.11.03.1): Register of Commissioned Officers, 1864 Jan. 1. 1 item

    • Folder c (OV.11.03.7): Company G. Muster Roll, 1862 June 30. 1 item

  • File 17: Indian Home Guards Regiment, 3rd

    • Folder a (Box 3, folder 30): [General]

    • Folder b (OV.11.03.2): Register of Commissioned Officers, 1864 Feb. 28. 1 item

    • Folder c (OV.11.03.3): Company E. Clothing Receipt Roll[s], 1862 Dec. 15-31. 7 items

    • Folder d (OV.11.03.4): Company E. Quarterly Return[s] of Clothing, Camp and Garrison Equipage

    • Folder e (OV.11.03.5): Company E. Quarterly Return[s] of Ordnance and Ordnance Stores, 1862 Dec. 31. 2 items

    • Folder f (OV.11.03.6): Muster Out Roll, [1865?] Feb. 28. 1 item

  • File 18: Kansas Colored Infantry Regiment, 1st (1863-1864)

    • Folder a (Box 3, folder 31): [General]. 101 items

    • Folder b (OV.03.18): [Oversize]

Series L (Box 4, folder 1): KANSAS. MILITIA. RECORDS, 1862-1866. 1 folder

This series contains muster rolls, commission appointments, and general orders. Muster rolls included are from the 14th and 15th regiments of the Kansas State Militia as well as one sheet from a volunteer artillery company from the city of Topeka. The general orders authorize the active call up of individual units. Also included is brief correspondence between officers at Fort Riley discussing the call up of militia units.

Series M: CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICA, 1856-1864. 7 folders (4 oversize)

The series contains information relating to the Confederacy, primarily consisting of muster rolls and maps of individual units; a prominent part of the series is documents from Chimborazo Hospital (General Hospital No. 1) in Richmond. These include an examination certificate for Private D. W. Bear as well as orders assigning a surgeon to Captain James Mooman.

The series also contains letters written to President Jefferson Davis from Thomas Overton Moore, the governor of Louisiana, in regard to intelligence he received about a possible invasion of Louisiana by the Union. In his writings it is clear that Moore is extremely fearful of this and voices opposition to Davis about moving any more troops from Louisiana, as Moore believed they did not have enough to adequately defend themselves as it was.

There is also one letter written by Edwin De Leon, a Confederate agent in London, who is reporting on the political positions of England and France in regards to the American Civil War. De Leon makes clear to Davis that he believes recognition from these two great European powers will come as a result of the cotton embargo placed on them, and that a quick end to the Potomac campaign will hasten this. A letter of safeguard is also included from the Confederate government to its military officers informing them of a treaty they have made with the Pen-e-the-ca band of the Comanche Indian tribe and are prohibited from impeding anyone of this band.

The series concludes with a list of recommendations and guidelines for soldiers to exercise during battle, hand copied from the original, as well as lyrics to the song “Grey Jacket” a marching song of the Confederate Army.

Series is organized by subject.

  • File 1 (Box 4, folder 2): [General]

  • File 2: Chimborazo Hospital (Richmond, Va.) 23 items

    • Folder a (Box 4, folder 3): [Records,] 1856-1864. 6 items

    • Folder b (OV.12.01.1): Roll[s], 1862-1863. 7 items

    • Folder c (OV.12.01.2): [Non-record Material (Forms)] 10 items

  • File 3 (OV.12.02): Confederate States of America. Army. Muster Roll[s], 1861-1863. 4 items.
  • File 4 (OV.12.03): [Non-record Materials], 1862-1864. 10 items.

Series N: [KANSAS. MILITIA.] MILITARY DISTRICT OF SHAWNEE COUNTY. ORDERS, 1864 Oct. 11-26. 1 folder (Box 4, folder 4)

This series consists of 22 pages in one bound volume of orders written to Major Andrew Stark during the period from 11 October to 26 October 1864 during the invasion of General Price of the Confederacy. In his orders, Major Andrews is given the authority to exercise martial law in Topeka, Kan., and ordered to prepare its defenses in case of invasion. He keeps a brief record of his activities during the duration that the city was under martial law.

Also included are muster rolls of cavalry and African American troop companies that Stark had under his command.

Series O: UNITED STATES. ARMY OF THE POTOMAC. CORPS, 2ND. DIVISION, 2ND. BRIGADE, 2ND. COMMISSARY SERVICE. [ORDER BOOK], 1864-1898 (bulk 1864-1865). 1 folder (Box 4, folder 5)

This series contains a notebook kept by Augustus Hubell, a brevet major who served as captain and commissary of subsistence (CSS) for 2nd Brigade, 2nd Division, of the II Corps of the Army of the Potomac during the Civil War.

The notebook contains two parts. The first part is records and orders kept by Hubell when he was CSS of the 2nd Division. The entries mostly concern the inspection and rationing of food to the troops. Of particular note is mention of how officers who order whiskey must now sign for the product as well as have the approval of their regimental commander. The entries are kept in a diary like format. The second part of the notebook is mostly undated, with some entries taking place in the 1870s, and contains material unrelated to military operation. This consists of entries such as lists of countries in the world, definitions of words, and other entries that appear to be related to school.

There is also a letter from 1898 Hubell wrote to President William McKinley asking to be commissioned in the Army as captain and commissary of subsistence during the Spanish-American War.

Series P: [PARKS, ROBERT C., 1832-1864.] DAYBOOK OF THE 1ST CHEROKEE REGIMENT, 1862 Nov.-1863 Mar. 1 folder (MICROFILM: MS 170.02, Kansas Memory: http://www.kansasmemory.org/item/209316 )

This series contains one notebook in the form of a journal which was kept by Robert Calvin Parks, a member of the Confederate 1st Cherokee Regiment commanded by Colonel Stand Watie serving in the Indian Territory. The journal contains entries such as general and local orders, regular weekly reports of the regiment, movements of troops and the issuing of supplies. A few of the pages have some pieces missing. During the Civil War, most of the members of the Cherokee Nation who had been removed from Georgia to Oklahoma under the treaty of 1835 allied themselves with the Confederacy. The 1st Cherokee Regiment was organized in 1861. Parks was a captain in Company B at the time he kept this day book. The regiment played an important role in several battles along the border of Indian Territory. The series is partially on microfilm, MS-170.02; the journal is also on Kansas Memory, the Kansas Historical Society’s digital archives, at http://www.kansasmemory.org/item/209316

Series Q: UNITED STATES. ARMY. INDIANA INFANTRY REGIMENT, 20TH (1861-1865). CLOTHING, DESCRIPTIVE BOOKS, 1861-1865. 1 folder (oversize) + 2 v. (oversize) (OV.06)

This series contains descriptions of articles of clothing issued and descriptive books containing information on individuals from the 20th Indiana Infantry Regiment.

Series R: BENNETT, L. G. (Lyman G.). ROUTE OF THE ARMY OF THE SOUTHWEST, [not before 1863.] 1 v. (oversize) (MICROFILM: MF 303)

This volume was prepared by L. G. Bennett and presented to General Samuel Ryan Curtis; it consists of annotated maps showing Curtis's campaign through northern Arkansas and southern Missouri and the Battle of Pea Ridge, Ark., in 1862.

Series S: CURTIS, SAMUEL RYAN, 1805-1866. CAMPAIGN BOOK, 1865 January. 1 v. (oversize) (MICROFILM: MF 303)

This series consists of what is presumably General Samuel Ryan Curtis's copy of his report to Major General H. W. Halleck, chief of staff, in Washington, D.C., concerning the campaign through northern Arkansas and southern Missouri; it is a narrative account with transcripts of documents and 3 maps.

Series T: CONSOLIDATED TRI-MONTHLY REPORT, 10 Oct. 1865. 1 item (1 folder, oversize) (OV.10.01)

This series contains the tri-monthly report of corps, divisions, brigades, and regiments of Kansas troops.

Series U: [UNITED STATES. ARMY.] KANSAS ARTILLERY BATTERY, 1ST. TRI-MONTHLY RETURNS, 1865 Feb.-June. 2 items (1 folder, oversize) (OV.10.02)

This series consists of a list of soldiers that were present or absent from the artillery unit.

Series V: [UNITED STATES. ARMY.] KANSAS. VOUCHERS (1ST KANSAS INFANTRY, COMPANY I; 6TH, 13TH, 14TH KANSAS CAVALRY), 1863 Dec. 1863-1864 Feb. 5 items (1 folder, oversize) (OV.10.03)

This series consists of several vouchers that are asking for payment for Captain George M. Reeder, Colonel William R. Judson, Admiral William P. Badgers and their hired servants.

Series W: [UNITED STATES. ARMY.] LANE'S BRIGADE (1861-1862). MUSTER ROLLS OF THE 3RD, 4TH, and 5TH VOLUNTEERS ; LIST OF MEN MUSTERED INTO SERVICE, 1861 Oct.-Nov. 2 items (1 folder, oversize) (OV.10.05)

This series contains a list of men that were mustered into service for 3 years in the Union Army brigade formed by James Henry Lane.

Series X: UNITED STATES. ARMY. [RECORDS OF AFRICAN AMERICAN UNITS RAISED IN MISSOURI,] 1863-1866. 10 folders (8 oversize) (53 items)

This series consists of muster-in and muster-out roles for African American soldiers raised by the Union Army. While units are primarily from the state of Missouri, there is also one regiment of Arkansas recruits who were raised and folders of records of recruits from the Dept. of Louisiana, 1 of which includes the muster rolls for former slaves who served.

Regiments include the 3rd Missouri Cavalry as well as the 11th, 18th, 56th, and 62nd U.S. Colored Infantry Regiments. There are also several muster rolls of African American recruits who had not yet been assigned to any particular regiment.

  • File 1: [List of Slaves Enlisted from Chariton County, Mo.,] 1863 Feb.-Dec. 1 folder (1 item) (Box 4, folder 7)

  • File 2: Dept. of Louisiana. Discharge, 1866 Jan. 5. 1 folder (1 item) (Box 4, folder 8)

  • File 3: Arkansas Infantry Regiment, 3rd (African Descent). Muster In Roll[s], 1863 Aug. 12. 1 oversize folder (4 items) (OV.10.07.1)

  • File 4: Colored Infantry Regiment, 11th (1863-1866). Muster In Roll[s], 1863 Dec. 19. 1 oversize folder (5 items) (OV.10.07.2)

  • File 5: Colored Infantry Regiment, 18th (1864-1866). Muster Out Roll[s], 1866 Feb. 21. 1 oversize folder (6 items) (OV.10.07.3)

  • File 6: Colored Infantry Regiment, 56th (1863-1866). Muster Out Roll[s], 1866 Feb. 21. 1 oversize folder (6 items) (OV.10.07.4)

  • File 7: Colored Infantry Regiment, 62nd (1864-1866). Muster Out Roll[s], 1866 Mar. 31. 1 oversize folder (3 items) (OV.10.07.5)

  • File 8: Muster Roll[s], 1863-1864. 2 oversize folders

    • 1863-1864. 1 oversize folder (1 item) (OV.10.07.6)

    • 1863 Dec.-1864 Mar. 1 oversize folder (1 item) (OV.10.07.7)

  • File 9: Dept. of the Missouri. Colored Descriptive Volunteer List[s], 1863 Nov.-1864 Mar. 1 oversize folder (31 items) (OV.10.07.8)

Series Y: [UNITED STATES. ARMY.] KANSAS CAVALRY REGIMENT, 11TH (1862-1865). MUSTER OUT ROLL, MUSTER AND DESCRIPTIVE ROLLS. 1864 Apr. 25. 1 oversize folder (2 items) (OV.10.10)

The series contains the muster rolls of the 11th Kansas Cavalry. Formed at Fort Leavenworth in December 1863, the regiment was led by Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Moonlight.

Series Z: [KANSAS.] MILITIA. [RECORDS,] 1863-1864. 3 oversize folders (9 items)

This series contains muster rolls for several units of the State Militia: Company I of the 9th Regiment, Company K of the 10th Regiment, and Company E of the 19th Regiment.

  • Folder 1: Regiment, 9th. Company I. Muster Roll[s], 1863 Apr.-1864 Oct. 1 oversize folder (4 items) (OV.11.01.1)

  • Folder 2: Regiment, 10th. Company K. Muster Roll[s], 1863 Nov.-1864 Oct. 1 oversize folder (3 items) (OV.11.01.2)

  • Folder 3: Regiment, 19th. Company E. Pay Roll, Muster Roll, 1864 Oct. 27-30. 1 oversize folder (2 items) (OV.11.01.3)

Series AA: [UNITED STATES. ARMY.] MUSTER ROLLS FROM THE C. S. BOWMAN COLLECTION, 1861-1863. 5 oversize folders (18 items)

This series contains muster and recruitment roles for Kansas artillery, cavalry, and infantry regiments and the 1st regiment of the Nebraska Cavalry, which was stationed at Fort Leavenworth (Kan.)

  • File 1: Kansas Artillery Regiments. Muster Roll[s], 1861 Oct.-1862 Sept. 1 oversize folder (2 items) (OV.11.02.1)

  • File 2: Kansas Cavalry Regiments. [Consolidated Receipt Rolls of Recruits], [1861]-1863. 1 oversize folder (3 items) (OV.11.02.2)

  • File 3: Kansas Infantry Regiments. Consolidated Receipt Roll[s] for Payment of Recruits, 1862 Sept.-Oct. 2 oversize folders (12 items)

    • Folder a: 2nd-11th, 1862 Sept.-Oct. 1 oversize folder (2 items) (OV.11.02.3)

    • Folder b: 12th-15th, 1862 Sept.-Oct. 1 oversize folder (10 items) (OV.11.02.4)

  • File 4: Nebraska Infantry Regiment, 1st. Muster Roll of Payment of Advance Bounty of Recruits, 1862 Aug. 31. 1 oversize folder (1 item) (OV.11.02.05)


This series contains the reports of commissioned officers in which they identify soldiers who are missing in action.


Muster rolls for pay for Companies H & K, 1863 Feb.-Apr., of the 5th and the 15th Kansas Cavalry, 1864 Feb.-Mar., Regiments; Companies G, H, & K of the 10th Kansas Infantry Regiment, 1863 Oct.-1864 Apr., and an irregular regiment called out by James Henry Lane, 1861 Aug. 31-Sept. 13.

Space Required/Quantity: ca. 5 ft. (4 boxes : 1 partial + 80 oversize folders, 6 oversize v., 6 microfilm reels : 4 partial ; 35 mm)

Title (Main title): [MC 617, Sec. 3] Civil War (1861-65)

Part of: Military history collection.

Scope and Content

Contents: Ser. A. Fort Leavenworth (Kan.). Paymaster's Dept. Records, 1863-1864, 0.2 ft. (10 folders (9 oversize)) -- ser. B. Miscellaneous [sic], 1893-1909, 1 folder --ser. C. Miscellaneous [sic] mss. (out of state) given by Rezin R. Wright, New York, 1861-1863, 1 folder -- ser. D. Mss. relating to the Civil War : out of state, 1861-1870, 32 folders (17 oversize) -- ser. E. United States. Army. Wisconsin Infantry Regiment, 10th (1862-1865). [Requests for food,] 1863 Oct. 23, 1 folder -- ser. F. Bibliographies of Civil War materials compiled in answer to requests, 1947, 1 folder -- ser. G. Narratives, 1 folder -- ser. H. Passes, 1861-1865, 1 folder (7 items) -- ser. I. Letters, 1 folder -- ser. K. Records relating to individual units, 53 folders (37 oversize) -- ser. L. Kansas. Militia. [Records,] 1 folder -- ser. M. Confederate States of America, 1856-1864, 7 folders (4 oversize) -- ser. N.[Kansas. Militia.] Military District of Shawnee County. Orders, 1864. -- ser. O. United States. Army of the Potomac. Corps, 2nd. Division, 2nd. Brigade, 2nd. Commissary Service. [Order Book], 1864-1898 (bulk 1864-1865) -- ser. P. [Parks, Robert C., 1832-1864.] Daybook of the 1st Cherokee Regiment, 1862 Nov.-1863 Mar., 1 folder -- ser. Q. United States. Army. Indiana Infantry Regiment, 20th (1861-1865). Clothing, descriptive books, 1861-1865, 1 folder (oversize) + 2 v. (oversize) -- ser. R. Bennett, L. G. (Lyman G.). Route of the Army of the Southwest, [not before 1863], 1 v. -- ser. S. Curtis, S. R. Campaign book, 1865 January -- ser. T. Consolidated tri-monthly report, 1865 10 Oct. -- ser. U. [United States. Army.] Kansas Artillery Battery, 1st. Tri-monthly returns, 1865 Feb.-June -- ser. V. [United States. Army.] Kansas. Vouchers (1st Kansas Infantry, Company I; 6th, 13th, 14th Kansas Cavalry), 1863 Dec. 1863-1864 Feb. -- ser. W: [United States. Army.] Lane's Brigade (1861-1862). Muster rolls of the 3rd, 4th, and 5th Volunteers ; list of men mustered into service, 1861 Oct.-Nov. -- ser. X. [Records of African American units raised in Missouri,] 1863-1866, 10 folders (8 oversize) (53 items) -- ser. Y. [United States. Army.] Kansas Cavalry Regiment, 11th (1862-1865). Muster out roll ; muster and descriptive rolls. 1864 Apr. 25, 1 oversize folder (2 items) -- ser. Z. [Kansas.] Militia. [Records,] 1863 Nov.-1864 Oct., 3 oversize folders (9 items) -- ser. AA. Muster rolls from the C. S. Bowman collection, 1861-1863, 5 oversize folders (18 items) -- ser. AB: United States. Army. District of South Kansas. Reports of commissioned officers, 1864 Oct., 1 oversize folder (1 item) -- ser. AC. Pay muster rolls of the 5th & 15th Kansas Cavalry, 10th Kansas Infantry, and irregular regiments, 1861-1864, 1 oversize folder (7 items) -- ser. AD. Muster roll of Captain Thomas Archer, company D Colored of the Troops Irregular Service, October 12-26, 1864.

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007-08-08-10  Ser. A: Fort Leavenworth (Kan.). Paymaster's Dept. Records, 1863-1864 
007-08-08-10  Ser. B: Miscellaneous [sic] 
007-08-08-10  Ser. C: Miscellaneous [sic] mss. (out of state) given by Rezin R. Wright, New York 
007-08-08-10  Ser. D: Mss. relating to the Civil War : out of state, 1861-1870 
007-08-08-10  Ser. G: Narratives 
007-08-08-10  Ser. F: Bibliographies of Civil War materials compiled in answer to requests, 1947 
007-08-08-10  Ser. H: Passes, 1861-1865 
007-08-08-10  Ser. I: Letters, 1861-1911 
007-08-08-10 to 007-09-01-01  Ser. J: Burton, Augustus J. Papers, 1862-1892 (bulk 1862-1865) 
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  • MF 303: Curtis, Samuel Ryan, 1805-1866. Campaign book[s], [not before 1862]-1865 1862-1865
  • MS 5: U.S. Army. Kan. Cavalry Regt., 11th. Company K, 11th Kansas Regiment, roster and company history 1862-1865
  • MS 66 no. 3: Kemp, John. What I remember of the Battle of the Blue and incidents connected with it 1897-1897
  • MS 85 no. 2: Love, James Edwin. Letters by Lieut. James E. Love to "Molly," Mar.-Apr. 1862. 1862-1862
  • MS 139 no. 3: Two letters by Christian H. Isely, 2nd Regiment, Kansas Volunteers, Company F., dated at Ft. Lincoln 1863-1863
  • MS 170 no. 2: Parks, Robert C. Day book, First Cherokee Regiment, Nov. 1862-Mar. 1863 1862-1863

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